SPECIAL 09/12/2022 Meeting of the LOTW BOARD


Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2022

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:07 pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VPX 
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VPX 
Anna Hernandez-French- TreasurerX 
Barbara DommertBreckler – SecretaryX 
Tanya Michaels X
Garret LebbyX 
Ashley Golding X
Bill Sidwell X
Cate BrownX 

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey and Amanda Bash

Additions to agenda:  None

Minutes:  Minutes will need to be approved next meeting.

Financials:  No financial for this month available.  Community credit cards and checks reviewed.


President:  No Report

1st VP:  Transfer switch installed by the electrician.  Scheduled to start up 10/3 by the company.  Ed reading the meters on the wells.  Pump 4 is running nicely.  Well 2 wall was built with rat guards and tile line.  The fence needs to be finished.

2nd VP:  Cut trees out of McGowen Park.  The wood was given to community members.  Branches taken to the dump.  Concrete blocks/ecology blocks for lake project (40) were delivered.  Big tree cut down on the green belt that were threatening a house.  There are 6 more that need to come down:  2 at pump 4, 4 more behind Nathan’s.  Volunteers raked up mess at Pete Rix and signs were put in.  Rented a grinder and ground out the stump.  We need to pay for the aeration system, block move and emergency tree removal.

Motion was made by Barbara Dommert-Breckler pay for the repair of the aeration system not to exceed $650 and emergency tree removal bill of $1958.40 from the contingency fund.  Seconded by Anna Hernandez-French.  All approved. MMSP

Secretary:  Working on a new design for the ballot to improve understanding/voting.  The ballot will include the budget, Architectural Committee Guidelines and board members.

Treasurer:  Budget committee will present the budget.

Compliance Committee:  Lot 105 has been cleaned up.  Vehicles removed.

Event Committee:    10/29 there will be a community Halloween decoration contest.  At 1pm on 10/29 at Pete Rix Park there will be a community event with games.  Rules and the event will be posted on the Facebook page and website. 

Old Business: 


New Business: 

The board was asked if Air BNB were allowed.  After discussion it was determined that we do not allow businesses to be run in our residential neighborhood.

There was a noise complaint made about a dog barking at Pete Rix Park and one at 140th.  Noise is a county issue, not a board issue.

Budget Committee:  We have a CD maturing at Columbia Bank 9/31 for $18,531.81 plus interest.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez French that we move the maturing Columbia Bank CD (total amount of $18,531.81 plus interest due) to the community reserve account at Kitsap Bank.  Barbara Dommert-Breckler seconded.  All approved.  MMSP

Discussion of the 2023 budget.  Anna thanked the budget committee for their work on the budget.  The budget was reviewed including the new disclosure at the end of the budget attachment that is required by law.  All efforts were made to keep the cost low.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez-French to approve the 2023 budget as presented by the budget committee for presentation during the annual community meeting which will then be voted on by community owners.  Seconded by Cate Brown.  All approved MMSP

Review of the Community Operation Debit Card Use Procedure (see below).

Motion was made by Dave Tyler and seconded by Ed Neilsen to approve the Community Operation Debit Card Use Procedure as written.  All approved. MMSP

Meeting Adjourned 7:12 pm

Meeting reopened at 7:21pm

Cate will need to come off the board in January due to family responsibilities. 

We will need a special meeting on 9/19/22 to approve the Minutes from August and the HOA Community Solutions contract.

Meeting adjourned 7:28pm

Minutes recorded by LOTW Secretary Barbara Dommert-Breckler.

Community Operations Debit Card


1. Each card user must have copies of all receipts for items purchased with the Debit Card.

2. Absolutely no personal item maybe on any receipts.

a. If an item is put on a receipt at the store, you must have the store cancel that

transaction and redo the purchase.

3. Each user must keep a copy of their receipts for each purchase for 90 days.

4. Each user must Sign the receipts.

5. All signed receipts must be turned in to 2 nd VP.

6. A copy of the Debit Card statement will be sent to 2 nd VP and Treasurer at the end of each


7. If the card is used for an event the user must create a report of how much money was spent on that event.

8. The Debit Card may only be used for these codes:

a. 501098 (Facilities Rental/Annual Meeting)

b. 503000 (Offices Supplies)

c. 503210 (Web fee and Dropbox)

d. 503300(Community Events)

e. 600001 (Supplies & Repairs)

f. 610026 (Community Garden)

9. Board reviews Debit Card expenditure monthly on bank statement provided in monthly financial reports.

a. Second Vice President matches receipts to expenditures and retains receipts.

b. Second Vice President writes account code for each item on statement.

c. Coded statement is sent to HOACS representative and copy attached to official Board


A lost receipt or invalid purchase requires Purchaser to immediately notify appropriate Vice

President and Treasurer. This must also be noted at Board meeting during Board

review/approval of debit card bank statement.  No later than 5pm Friday following the Monday

Board meeting, Purchaser must present amount via cash or check and a written, signed

document in person to HOA-CS personnel at their office, copy to LOTWCC Treasurer.  Document must state money is for restitution dollar amount on referenced debit card, indicating receipt vendor and date.

Annual 2021 meeting minutes


2021 Annual Community Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2021

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 12:08pm

Karen Gore- PresidentDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentBarbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryGarrett Lebby
Christine AndersonTanya Michaels   
Jaimie EhrlerAnna Hernandez- French   

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Mary Dommert-Breckler, Amanda Bash, Tia Smith, Debbie Hirschinger, Theresa Adams, Jeff Adams, Valjean Johnson, Chuck Weed, Carol Weed, Mary Nielson, Lanny James, Larry Smalley, Mary Tyler, Ryan Orseth, Karen Benson, Frank Benson and three member who names signatures we could not interpret

Review of prior 2020 annual meeting minutes:  Meeting minutes from November 2020.

It was moved by DT and seconded by KG to approve the 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes as written.  Approved by all present. MMSP



1st VP: 

Completion on water system 2020

  1. Replaced the roof with metal roofing and painted pump house #4 structure.
  2. Painted well #4 doghouse.
  3. Purchased water supplies for broken blow offs.
  4. Purchased new parts for back flow.
  5. Dug up water box and reinstalled that could not be tested.
  6. Cut down tree, bushes and Blackberries that were too close to water boxes.
  7. Cleaned out the Dirt in water boxes fill from moles
  8. Fix a few water leaks.
  9. Located Main shut of valves on 137th St. and 140th Ave.
  10. Cleaned over 200 backflows.
  11. Fill over 200 bag of wood chip for insulation for water boxes. Done by Ed Nielson

Volunteers that helped with the Water

Ed Nielson

Steve Shobe

Bob Walls

Bert Braley

Greg Anderson

2nd VP: 

Completion in the community 2020

  1.  10 yards of wood chips spread in Pete Rix Park
  2. Maintenance on the pea patch and other parks.
  3. Several new signs were installed.
  4. Several trees and branches were taken down due to safety issues.
  5. Shed, tractor and trailer maintenance completed.

Secretary:  We received 37 ballots.  All voted yes to ratify the 2022 budget.  The following individuals were voted onto the Board:  Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Tanya Michaels, Bill Sidwell, Lanny James, Jeremy Scott and Ashley Golding.  Steve Shobe and Ryan Orseth was voted onto the Architecture committee. 


Treasurer Achievement for 2020

We wish to thank Mary Day who was our Treasurer from January 1st to Mid-March 2020.  Mary worked very hard at ensuring all accounts were up today and bills were being paid.

We also wish to thank Dawn Richey who acts as the Community Accounting Advisor.  She spends hours each month working behind the scenes, with the Treasure and Budget Committee.

Thank you to the 2021 Budget Committee for working so hard and quickly in building the budget.  Members: Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Theresa Adams, Dawn Richey, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, and Karen Gore

Achievements for 2020 from the Treasurer include:

  • The Audit was successfully completed for the 2019
  • Successfully closing the Columbia Bank checking account for $5000.00, moving this to Alliance Association Bank.  The money was put into a 6-month CD.  Upon its maturity, the money will be placed in the Water Operations budget for use in 2021.
  • Budget Committee was able to complete the 2021 budget quickly this year with fewer meetings being required.
  • Worked to build a strong relationship and clear communication with the team at HOA Community Services our Bookkeeping service.

Budget Committee:  Dawn thanked the Budget Committee.  She covered that the budget purpose is to pay the bills and then budget the improvements. Sheriff department will be our security and report were requested.  There is a request for the amount of “bad debt” to be added to our report.  State mandate requires that we allow payment plans for overdue assessments. 

Karen opened it up for Q&A. 

When will the rest of the community signs be installed?  Work groups will continue the project as volunteers and weather allow. 

What about a community bulletin board?  Discussion about having one by the pickleball court.

Motion was made by DT and seconded by EN to adjourn the meeting.  All approved.  MMSP

Meeting Adjourned at 13:42

The 2022 Community Update Report for WATER

  1. Installed two new VFC (Variable Flow Controller) Controllers by Reds Electric. 1 of the two was due to a utility transformer failure that blew up our equipment that feeds our well.  Most of the cost was covered by our insurance company.
  2. Also Installed new transfer switch at well #1, for the same reason as above.
  3. Dug up around well #2 and installed new drain line.
  4. Cover ground around well with rock to prevent erosion.
  5. Installed a new retaining wall below Well #2.
  6. Raised security fence that was collapsing and straighten out fence.
  7. Hauled in dirt to fix the back fence of Well #2 so to add new fence post.
  8. Finished to back of well #2 structure.
  9. Repaired broken water lines in community.
  10. Purchase more 2” blow off valves.
  11. Installed new winterizing bags in water meter and backflow boxes.
  12. Fix broken water pipe on line at the end of 140th.

2022 – Maintenance Report

Ed has reported the status for the following projects

  • Pete Rix Park: 
    • Installed new entrance sign.
    • Cut down dead trees and dead limbs and hauled to the dump.
    •  Installed a new Barbecue Grill, put new chains on swings, removed old stump by picnic table.
    • Installed concrete table with checker board top.
    • Remove noxious weed around Lake.
    • Stained fence by Jeremy and Shannon Scott.
  • McGowan Park: 
    • Installed new entrance McGowan sign.
    • Remove dead trees on bank next to Pickle ball court and gave wood to members of LOWCC.
    • Hauled in the 40 ecology blocks for the lake repair.
    • Install new barbecue Grill.
    • Installed 2 concrete tables and 1 bench.
  • DNR Park: 
    • Installed new teeter totter and a sit and spin.
    • Installed a new barbecue grill donate by Dawn Richey.
    • Installed a new concrete bench.
  • Aerator: 
    • Installed new capacitor and new vanes due to power surge.
  • Tractor Shed:
    • Fix perimeter chain link fence damage by Inturders
  • Pea Patch:
    • Cleared Spill way, Removed dead trees, killed black berry.
    • Had fall clean-up.
  • Additional Projects and Maintenance Activities
    • Maintenance on the Kobota tractor. Changed oil and Hyd. filters.
    • Trimmed Tree, Brush and Black Berry.  Cleared trees at intersections.  Cleaned out the drain fields & water spillways. Inspected the green belts.
    • Lake drain, cleaned out the spill way.


There have been approximately 1500 volunteer hours donated to your community, between just the first and second vice president. So far, we have tracked just 20 hours from other volunteers.

As you can see, both Ed and Dave are doing almost all the work. So volunteer already. You will not be tasked with a full time job. You will be appreciated. Thanks so much!


Notice – Please DO NOT email your ballots. At this time our Bylaws do not allow for email voting. Please contact one of the Board members (list can be found on our website www.LakeoftheWoodsKPN.com), and we will pick it up from you if you live in LOTW OR mail it in. If you live off-site, please mail your ballots to the address on the Annual Meeting notice. The other option is to come to the Annual Meeting! Would love to see everyone there! Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

Thank you;

Karen Gore

PresidentLake of the Woods Community Club

HOA Meeting Packets are mailed!!

Hey everybody!!

The HOA Annual Meeting packet have been mailed to each member.  They contain the Annual meeting agenda, the 2023 Budget and the list of the 2023 volunteer Board of Directors to be voted on by the members (all of you property owners). Some of you might receive two ballots, one addressed to the prior owner of your property at you current address and one to you, as the current owner.  We had a mix up from the group that printed our mailing labels. Return your Ballot at the meeting.

Additionally, a Survey is included in the packet asking each one of you as members, about the front yard fence height requirement and if we should change the wording in our CC& R’s.

I have included a copy of the agenda for the November 14th, regular Board meeting. (all members are always welcome to a Board Meeting) for your reference. and financial information related to our reserve funds.  

Hope to see you at the Annual meeting! 

If you do not receive a packet by October 28th, please contact me and I will email you the packet right away! 

Karen Gore
Lake of the Woods Community Club

2022 Annual Membership meeting for the LOTW Community SAT, NOV 6th 1:30PM


Put the following on your NOVEMBER calendar!

Annual Community Meeting on Sunday, November 6th, 2022, starting at 1:30 pm. The meeting will be held in the Whitmore Room at the Key Civic Center with a potluck during the first hour of the meeting. 


Yard & Home Halloween Decoration Contest – Saturday, October 29th – Pet Rix Park

It’s all in the spirit of good clean competition

Prizes for the best yard and/or Home will be:
1st prize is $100 gift certificate,
2nd prize is $75 gift certificate
3rd prize is $25 gift certificate.

Please Note: There will be a muggle (you know what a muggle is?) quidditch game with spooky trophies to be held at 1pm at Pet Rix Park)

Saving the best for last, a sweet candy hunt will be held Saturday, Oct 29th in the haunted and very spooky woods of Pete Rix park for children under 12 years old.

Here are the results of the Halloween Decorations Contest

3rd prize was awarded to The STEINBRECHER FAMILY! Way to go!

2nd Prize was awarded to the SCOTT FAMILY. Congrats!

1st prize is awarded to the HEALD Family!!! Congratulations.

Thank you one and all for your time and talents. Gift Cards have been sent. It was a very Happy Halloween!

Fred Meyer Gift cards awarded as prizes
Scary scene

Karen Gore


Lake of the Woods Community Club