2-18-19 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors Meeting

February 18, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:02 pm by President, Tanya Michaels

Present: Tinker Jolliff, Tanya Michaels, Mary Day, Dave Tyler, Garrett Lebby, Greg Anderson, Karen Gore

Absences: Susan Thompson, Ed Nielsen

Motion: review of Board minutes January 4, 2018 approved.


President: None

1st Vice President (water system)

Wells are running fine.   The propane tanks are filled.  We need to pick up a couple items for the new pump. We received well testing units and tank sending units – they are being tested now.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance) None

Secretary: None


Mary Day reported on action items that needed to be completed from 2018.  Motion made that all budget committee recommendations be approved.  MMSP

1. Motion made that we take the 2018 pump/booster study funds ($19,793) from the water operating fund and allocate it to the 2019 water reserve capital fund.  MMSP.

2. Motion made to move the 2019 water reserve fund to 2019 water reserve capital fund. MMSP

3. Motion made to issue a check to Dave Tyler for $49.07 to balance out account from 2018 budget due to credit on books.  This amount had been carried over from the old accounting group. MMSP

4. We need to move money on the estimated 2019 budget (need more detail on this from Treasurer).  2019 budget will be revised to reflect change and will be sent out to the Board Members to review.

Committee Reports:

Special Events:

Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday April 20th at Pete Rix Park starting at Noon.  There will be two age groups for the hunt.  10 Prizes for each age group, 500 eggs will be hid.

Spring Clean-up will be on April 27th and 28th.

Fishing Derby will be on May 19th for any child 5 to under 18 years of age.  If participants are using a boat, must have a life vest in the boat for each person in the boat.  A check for $700 will be advanced to Karen Gore to purchase food, prizes, trophies, etc. for the event.  MMSP

            – Lake will be closed from the fish drop until the day of the fishing derby so the fish can acclimate to the lake.


Lot #99 – received compliance letter for nine cars on property.  All have to be licensed.  Motion made to find Lot #99 $100 per vehicle for violation.  

Old Business:

New contract almost complete.  Should be done by next Board meeting.

New Business:

Rental for room at Fire Station on Wright Bliss Road is $180 per year.  This is the room used for the monthly Board meetings.  Motion was made to approve the renewal of this for 2019.  MMSP

Water Shut off Notices – 8 people have received late notices this past month.  Discussion was held regarding the possibility/logic of charging fees to cover cost of letters.  Tabled until next meeting.

There was a request to allow special Reservation of Pete Rix Park.  Discussion followed.  It was determined that reservations are not really possible.  No night time activities are allowed due to safety and liability issues.

Meeting Adjourned

Submitted by Secretary Pro Tem

Karen Gore