8-9-21 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2021

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:06 pm

Karen Gore – PresidentBarbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentAnna Hernandez- French – Treasurer
Jaimie EhrlerTanya MichaelsChristine AndersonSteve ShobeGarrett Lebby

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Amanda Bash

Motion was made by Jaimie Ehrler and Seconded by Dave Tyler to approve the June 17, 2021 minutes as written.  All approved.  MMSP

Motion was made by Jaimie Ehrler and seconded by Dave Tyler to approve the June 30, 2021 minutes as written.  All approved.  MMSP

July 17, 2021 minutes were acknowledge.  Since there was no quorum at the July meeting no votes were held and there will be no approval to the minutes.

We have not received the July ledger from HOA Solutions.

The board voted to reinstate Anna Hernandez-French to the Lake of the Woods Board of Directors.


President: No report

1st VP:  Wells are running a lot.  We are cycling through all 4 wells due to the hot weather and higher demand for water.  Roof was put on pump house 4 this month.  Work on the tank inside will occur later.  The meter at lot 167 was fixed so that it would read correctly.  Twelve backflows were cleaned.

2nd VP:  Front wheel on the tractor is leaking.  Both front wheels need to be replaced.  Mc Gowen has a new picnic table that was moved from the pea patch.  Maintenance person is working during the day, also has to water during the day.  New police officer for security, Aaron Wolf completed his W-9.  Thirty-three lots came and used the dumpsters during our Community Clean Up. 

Secretary:  Barbara will not be at the September meeting.  Anna Hernandez- French volunteered to cover. 

Treasurer:  Anna is going to sit down with HOA Solutions to address budget committee questions.  Anna will report next meeting. 

Compliance Committee:  Templates discussed in June have not been drafted yet.  Tanya recommended basing the template on the first basic letter that the compliance committee uses with some verbiage changes.  A liaison from the Compliance Committee is assigned to lots with issues to help with resolution.  The first letter gives the lot owner 15 days to contest, or they may be fined.  There is also a reminder in the letter that all money paid is applied to fines first.  Water can still not be shut off due to non-payment due to the Emergency Order from the Governor. 

Lot 59 is working on improving.  Noted that temporary garages need a permit if over 20 feet. 

Lot 26 Owner’s sister is paying the fines. She will work to have the car removed.

Lots 314, 37, and 248 cases have been closed.

Lot 271- The cars move regularly.

Motion was made by Barbara Dommert-Breckler and seconded by Anna Hernandez-French that the Board approve fines to begin for lots 204, 311 and 65 if they are not in compliance by 8/10/21.  1 member abstained.  Rest of the members approved. 

There was discussion around the purpose of the Compliance Committee, is it for curb appeal?  The committee is to apply the PC&Rs and work with lot owners to meet compliance. 

Lot 60 is listed as a single-family residence but is and has been operating as a duplex.  Compliance letters were sent to both apartments.  County cannot remove nuisance vehicles until after COVID.  It is reported that there are two separate electric meters on the building/duplex; VP Water states it does not have two meters.

Lot337- Is someone living in the outbuilding?

Special Events:  Budget for Special Events is currently $1300.  Discussion on adding the possibility of new or different events.

Motion was mad by Garrett Lebby and seconded by Barbara Dommert-Breckler to add 2 additional Board sponsored events.  1 member abstained.  All other members approved. 

Playground Committee- Ed would like someone to take over this committee.  They will have a meeting in the next week or two. 

Budget:  Meetings are ongoing for the new budget. 

Old Business: 

Discussion on hiring people to complete projects. 

Times will be set and announced for hole digging for the signs. 

Discussion occurred around finding a new meeting location with adequate parking, space and wi-fi.

New Business: 

Discussion if we want to apply for a tax exemption for the pea patch.  After review of the requirements and the cost to apply with no guarantee of acceptance, it was decided that it was not worth pursuing at this time. 

Lot 101 account has been paid in total.

Discussion on setting up executive officer specific email boxes.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez-French and seconded by Ed Nielsen to create new email address specifically for executive board positions.  All approved.  MMSP.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez-French and seconded by Ed Nielsen to have a special meeting to review the budget at 6pm on 9/20/21 at Tanya’s house.  All approved. MMSP

Meeting Adjourned 8:14 pm