2022 Annual Community Meeting Minutes


2022 Annual Community Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2022

Minutes taken by Anna Hernandez-French

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 13:50pm.

Karen Gore – PresidentEd Nielsen – 2nd Vice PresidentAnna Hernandez-French – TreasurerGarrett Lebby
Bill SidwellTanya MichaelsAshley GoldingCate Brown
Dave Tyler – 1st Vice PresidentBarbara Dommert Breckler – Secretary  

Community Members Attended: Ryan Orseth, Jeremy Scott, Jessica Martindale, Pedro Martos, Mary Tyler, Steve Shobe, Theresa Adams, Jeff Adams, Dawn Richey, and Amanda Bash

Board Member Introductions

Review of 2021 annual meeting minutes: Meeting minutes from November 2021

KG noted that there is a correction to the minutes, changing “signature we could interpret” to “could not interpret” where community member attendance is noted.

AH moved to approve 2021 annual meeting minutes with the above correction. AG seconded. Approved by all present. MMSP

Board Reports and Accomplishments

DT and EN shared out the maintenance report via the LOTW website and the unofficial FB page. Physical copies were presented at the meeting.

AH shared treasurer accomplishments, which included: securing a 27-month CD for a 3.5% return in October, 2022; getting a contract signed with HOACS, the accounting firm, in a manner that will make future renewals much easier; and putting together the proposed 2023 community budget.

Other committees include Architecture and Compliance.

Presentation of the proposed 2023 budget as approved by the Board

Presented by DR

2022 Budget Committee consisted of: DT, AH, DT, EN, CB, and AB (community member). Met in July and August, presented proposed budget to the Board at the September meeting.

Overview of community annual assessments:

  • 2020 – $535.72
  • 2021 – $505.97
  • 2022 – $450.00
  • 2023 – $473.04

Improvements to neighborhood security provided by the sheriff’s dept allowed LOTW to reduce the number of hours needed, reducing costs.

Our community-owned water system is a huge asset and saves the community a lot of money.

Recent improvements include benches, tables, and BBQ grills in the parks, volleyball, horseshoes, playground equipment, and concrete blocks purchased and ready for lake embankment reinforcement once water levels are low enough.

For 2023 the proposed budget includes monkey bars in Pete Rix Park and a climbing toy for the DNR park. This piece will complete the DNR park. Budget also includes a new roof for the DNR pump shed and work on community generators.

LOTW is required to have a reserve study to forecast expected costs associated with the community, and then to have a plan to fund it. LOTW chose a 5-year to fully fund plan, and current funding is nearly at 100%.

TM question – is it better for LOTW if community members pay assessments in a lump sum on Jan. 1?

DR – from an accounting standpoint, yes, as these funds are used to pay community bills

TM question – are we still seeing an impact from COVID?

KG – LOTW is currently owed around $88K, which includes liens and compliance fees alongside outstanding assessments.

DT – assessments are the only real community income.

TM question – what about insurance for new playground equipment?

KG – that is covered by LOTW’s policy upon installation.

General Discussion

RO question – how can LOTW move toward online voting and more use of email?

KG – that is a priority topic if elected president again. Tech, community outreach improvements, then align to bylaws, and then send updated copies to the state and to HOACS.

TA question – there was an email option for voting this time?

KG – that was an error and it was quickly corrected. One individual had submitted their ballot via email and follow-up was conducted.

Chuck Wood voluntarily maintains the community website, [email protected]

TM – older residents may not use email or other online communication tools.

EN – also there are security concerns with online voting.

RO – many community members don’t know about the things the neighborhood has to offer, like the Pea Patch.

TM – what happened to the LOTW newsletter?

KG – it’s posted on the LOTW website. Paper and postage are expensive, so LOTW is looking into ways to reduce printing and mailing.

Ballot Tallies

50 ballots received across the 343 lots.

Approve 2023 budget: 48 yes, 2 no

No additions to the Architecture Committee – two spots still open

Cynthia McClure and Jessica Martindale put forward as new board members, and existing members all voted in to continue on. EN notes Tia is also thinking of joining.

New members can either come to the November board meeting to be voted on, or will be officially on the board as of Jan 1.

Community Survey

Leave at 4 ft: 11 yes

Allow for six ft: 39 yes – of those, 3 yes for 4 ft solid and 2 additional ft see-through fencing. 9 yes for six ft chain link. 27 yes for all 6 ft fence options.

TA – can Ed check with the Sheriffs to get clear on implications if no longer able to see into yards.

PM – as a state patrol officer, no matter what they won’t enter w/o a warrant.

RO – as Pierce County firefighter, only an eye-witness will get police action, and drugs not really a priority for prosecution.

KG – this discussion will be continued at future Board meetings.

Motion was made by EN and seconded by AH to adjourn the meeting. All approved. MMSP.

Meeting Adjourned at: 14:52