Meeting Minutes for May 9, 2022

Lake of the Woods Board Meeting minutes

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:11 pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VPX 
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VP X
Anna Hernandez-French- TreasurerX 
Barbara Dommert-Breckler – Secretary X
Tanya MichaelsX 
Garret LebbyX 
Ashley GoldingX 
Bill Sidwell X
Cate Brown X
Role for 05/09/2022

Community Members Attended:  Amanda Bash, Dawn Richey

Minutes:  Motion made by Dave Tyler to approve April minutes as written, seconded by Tanya Michaels.  MMSP

Financials:  Dawn is forwarding financials to the Board to review and approve


President:  Contacted Tony Trotter, our Water Manager, to get update on the Water Quality Report before June mailing deadline.  Need to purchase stamps.  Will use card to purchase them.  Will also attempt to create a Newsletter.  Will work with Anna to get best estimate on mailing cost (stamps) for full year so we can purchase on one time.

1st VP:  Water system is doing okay; all the wells are running fine.  Do not have the new BFDS yet, got hold of the insurance company finally.  I resent the information with the pricing but need pricing for the switch and installation cost.  Part is supposed to be build by June 5th.  Starting to clean out the backflows now and clean each one off and replace.  Ed and I are getting the park ready for installing the tedder totter.  Will pour concrete and have already built the forms for one. 

Dawn suggested doing holes for the BBQ grills also.

2nd VP:  No report

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer:  We have received the new debt card for Special Events, General purchases, and VP Maintenance to use.  An update from Natasha, our HOACS representative, they are not able to have our financial reports to us for sure until the 15th of each month. This were able to this time but cannot agree to doing this all the time. Want to set up a six-month meeting with Dawn to check in on reconciled items.


Compliance Committee:  Tanya Michaels reported there was nothing for the Board to vote on.  A few letters sent out by the Compliance Committee did come back, one was from a property owner living out of the country. Karen Gore asked if we could email this owner since they are out of country.  Tanya will check on this. So far, they have received four returned compliance notices.

Architectural Committee:  No Report

Event Committee:    Garrett Lebby reported that we had our first Earth Day Kids clean up event, in conjunction with the Community Cleanup Event.  Only two children showed up, due to short notice.  Other saw it on the Unofficial Facebook page and think it will be a huge hit next year.  Each child received $25 cash (via parent(s)).  Tanya wondered when we voted on a Children’s Earth Day Cleanup.  Discussion was that if we did, it was not super clear regarding what we were voting on.  Community member, Dawn Richey, stated that Board members cannot take action on behalf of the Board, can’t retroactively vote.  Dave Tyler said wait and let us figure out what we already voted on. Said we cannot give our money to community members, should not have done this. Asked how we should address this moving forward. Karen Gore, said she would pay Garrett out of her own pocket, money should not be taken from HOA account.  Garrett advised he would cover the cost himself and we need to put this on the special event calendar for next year, after the Board votes and approves it.

Dawn wondered about the check issued for the Easter Egg Hunt for $300.  Karen received the money not spent, sent a check into HOACS and the remain amount has been accounted for, and receipts sent to HOACS.

Fishing Derby update from Garrett.  Trophy shop is closed so will find another place to purchase the fishing trophies.  Tanya suggested a place in Bremerton.  We need six trophies,, 2nd and 3rd place.  Will be cooking hot dogs.  Tanya asked about raffle tickets and said Ed usually has them.  Will get prized for raffle.

Old Business: 

HOA meetings will be moving to Pete Rix Park for the June, July, and August.  Renting Key Pen Civic Center for September, October, November, and December.  In addition, renting for Annual meeting.  Moving the annual meeting from November 5th to November 6th from 1:30 to 5:30pm due to room being already book by another group.  We are renting the Whitmore room and the kitchen for a potluck.  Potluck will happen first to give time to the voting team to count ballets turned in on November 6th

Columbia bank account – all five Executive Board members have gone into the bank and signed the paperwork for the four time.  This time it was photographed to prove we completed all required signatures.  Tanya asked about April minutes and if we had resigned the Columbia bank paperwork.  Answer was yes.

HOACS contract, only change made was from 10th business day to 15th business day to receive financial reports from HOA Community Solutions (HOACS).  Karen stated that Natasha our representative told her that less than the 15th business day was not an option.  Karen will make the changes and send out the revised agreement and send to HOACS.

Motion was made by Anna to change the wording in the contract from say 10th business day to 15th business day each month for reports.  Dave seconded.  MMSP

New Business: 

Voting for new Special Events:

  • Halloween Event – Garrett wants to do decorating.  Also want to put on Quidditch and says he will put on this himself for those who want to participate.  Karen suggested Saturday October 29th and have people sit at the end of their driveways and handout candy.  Amanda suggested a Scavenger Hunt.

Motion was made by Anna, seconded by Dave to hold a Halloween event. MMSP

  • Pickle Ball Tournament was suggested by Ashley with picnic for Saturday July 16th.  Motion was made by Anna, seconded by Garrett.  MMSP

Other items:

Amanda inquired about which sheriff deputies were on duty and when.  Dave advised her that Ed receive reports from all the  deputies, but we do not know when until after the fact of their tours.  She has not seen them in a while.

Meeting Adjourned 7:20 pm

Minutes recorded by Secretary Pro Tem Ashley Golding (typed by Karen Gore)