March 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:04 pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VPX 
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VPX 
Anna Hernandez-French- Treasurer X
Barbara DommertBreckler – SecretaryX 
Tanya MichaelsX 
Garret LebbyX 
Jaimie EhrlerX 
Ashley GoldingX (no sign in) 
Bill SidwellX 
Cate BrownX 
Board Member Attendance

Community Members Attended:  Ryan Orseth, Amanda Bash, Jane-Abigail Rogg, Dawn Richey

Additions to agenda:  Meeting Times, Book Stops, Community Outreach

Minutes:  Motion was made by Dave Tyler to approve the February 14, 2021, minutes with the change of the first sentence of the 2nd VP report to read “Replaced starting solenoid in aerator.”.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  1 Abstained. Rest approved.  MMSP

Financials:  Financials were circulated for review.  Once the Board Member reviewed, if they approved, they signed to show their approval.


President:  No Report

1st VP:  Added chlorine (1 ppm) to the water system due to excessive rain and chloroforms.  Two days later the water was retested, and the chloroform level was within limits.  DT has been reading meters due to Tony being out.  VFD controllers should be in this week.  Got ahold of ASCO should get back about the controller box and check switch to get a bid.  It took 3 weeks to get ahold of ASCO.

2nd VP:  Lake is doing fine.  Closed for the week.  Sign is up at 145th.  Working on other signs.  Posts need to be painted.  One more sign needs the metal frame.  Swings will go up as the weather improves.  Ordered 30-yard containers for Community Clean Up.  Fish have been ordered and will be delivered early May. 

Secretary:  None

Treasurer:  Not in attendance

Compliance Committee:  Yesterday compliance case against lot 234 was closed.  Three 2020 letters had no responses had second letters sent. 

Communication Committee:    Jaimie is starting the Spring Newsletter that will include the spring events:  Easter/Spring Egg Hunt- April 16th and Community Clean Up (Earth Day Community Trash Pickup) April 23-24

Playground Committee- Bouncy toys:  had to do a color seat change to get the order here the fist week of April.  Concern about where they will be delivered and having space in the shed.  Toys come in parts so the boxes shouldn’t be too big.  The delivery driver will need Karen’s and Ed’s phone numbers.  Ornamental Stone order is ready but cannot be delivered until the ground is dryer. 

Old Business: 

Shredding- Tanya has taken documents in to be shredded and will submit the expense.  Discussion on why we would pay to shred, when we could burn the documents.  Karen will work with Ed to burn the documents that do not need to be kept about 12-15 boxes.

Insurance changes:  getting push back to sure that we have everything covered.

Letters for delinquent accounts have been sent out.  Notice to lien will be sent out and then billed $35.  After a 30 day wait period, the lien will be processed.  Karen will send out a detailed email with list of notices. 

HOAC Contract- They do not use county information. Owner information comes from the escrow companies.  Financial reports will be delivered on the 10th business day of the month.  Removed cash accounting to accrual accounting.  If we want to make changes to the contract in the future, this needs to be considered earlier. 

Motion was made to approve the HOAC Contract dated January 1st 2022 by Barbara Dommert-Breckler.  Seconded by Jaimie Ehrler.  All approved.  MMSP

2nd Credit card- There is a need for a second credit card for maintenance, special events, etc..  There is going to be a $100 fee per month for HOAC to provide the accounting.  To cover this cost, the money will be pulled from the Community Operating Contingency Fund for this year.

Motion was made to approve the 2nd credit card for maintenance, special events and other community cost by Dave Tyler.  Seconded by Jaimie Ehrler.  All approved.  MMSP.

Accounting spreadsheet to track accurate cash account reviewed by Anna, Dave and Ed.  Recommended that a column be added to show the expected values per row.  Dawn/Anna willing to train people on the accounting spreadsheet in groups up to 3.

Balance sheet revision.  We need to update the list of assets.  Dave and Ed will review the reserve study and work on updating the asset list.  Once the asset list is updated, it will be brought to the Board.     

New Business: 

Community Welcome Committee- Discussion on the need to revive the Community Welcome Committee.  Welcome baskets taken by committee members to new residents.  We want these welcome baskets to be standardized and not include any religious items.  Jaimie will head the committee with Cate, Garrett, Ashley and Bill.  Maybe committee members could cover a zone of the community for the welcomes. 

Meeting Time- would the group consider making the meeting time later?  Mix discussion.  Community wants web meeting option.  Key Civic Center wifi cannot support web meetings.  Consider how to accommodate this request.  Cate could bring a hotspot.

Book Stops- Jane-Abigail Rogg has funds and would like to put up two Book Stops (free library for children books).  One would be on her property and would like to put one in a park.  Discussion that we would need to add a placard that the LOTW Community Club is not responsible for the content in the Book Stop. 

Motion was made by Barbara Dommert-Breckler to allow Jane-Abigail Rogg to construct and install a Book Stop (street library) with private funds with the understanding that LOTW Community Club is not responsible for the content in the library with installation site approval by the 2VP.  Seconded by Garrett Lebby.  All approved.  MMSP.

Meeting Adjourned 7:26 pm

Minutes recorded by LOTW Secretary Barbara Dommert-Breckler