SEPTEMBER 11th, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes


Official Board of Directors Meeting MinutesSeptember 11, 2023

Key Peninsula Civic Center Whitmore Room

Meeting was called to order at 6:04pm

Board Members present – Garett Lebby, Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Anna Hernandez-French, and Karen Gore

Board Members absent – Dana Burnett

Community Members – Danelle McElroy, Steve McElroy

Ashley Golding resigned from the Board for the time being, Cynthia McClure removed from the Board at this time due to consistent absence

Meeting Minutes from August 28 (special meeting) were approved by the Board with corrections

  • Change water tank cost from $1,600 to $2,425

July and August AP reports were approved by the Board

  • Playground equipment came in $2,000 under budget


1st Vice President (Water System)

  • DT is checking tanks and everything looks good
  • Propane tank purchased, Dave will install, waiting on generator
  • Lake dredged for generator
  • EN and DT have been working on the storage shed for Pump House 2, ready for tin roofing
  • EN and DT will replace and install fence around the tank
  • Need volunteers to dig up 15 water boxes – KG will put out on community FB page

2nd Vice President (Maintenance)

  • Mostly covered by 1st VP report
  • A nonresident’s vehicle had to be pulled from the lake – EN got the license plate number
  • A dog on 137th St Ct has bitten someone


  • Only item for reporting is the budget, it’s own agenda item


  • Nothing to report

Committee Reports:


  • Debbie and Tanya are co-leading the committee
  • 2 other members are joining – neither of them is Larry
  • Committee needs to get their declaration drafted and published on the LOTW website
  • Some fines need to be waived due to lack of timely follow-up by Board – list is in the financial report, will be topic of Oct. Board meeting


  • GL needs help and prizes for Halloween decorating context
  • Date for contest set for 10/29 – AH moves, BBD seconds, MMSP
  • $300 total in prizes to be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • EN will purchase gift cards

New Business:

  • Renewing Kitsap Credit Union CD ($40,270.26 as of end of June 2023) for two years at the highest interest rate available at the time of renewal – BBD moves, AH seconds, MMSP

2024 Budget

  • BBD extends her gratitude to committee who met over the summer to draft proposed 2024 budget
  • Notes that line items such as compliance fines, water reconnections fees, and other fees cannot be considered as income
  • Reading this year’s proposed budget:
  • Assessments have been raised to cover an inflation rate of 5%/year – set at that amount + 10%
  • No large purchases budgeted for 2024
  • Security is now its own line item – no change to rates
  • Grayed-out lines with no money in them, consolidated where possible
  • GL code 750007 should be removed as well
  • Assessments set at $50/month – increasing from $473/year to $605/year
  • Projected maintenance for new equipment is included in water budget, increased by approx.. $2,000
  • Nearly doubled water contingency budget
  • BBD moves to approve presenting the 2024 budget as proposed by the Budget Committee to the LOTW community at the 2023 Annual Meeting, DT seconds, MMSP
  • Proposed budget will be mailed out to community using the process outlined in the bylaws
  • BBD will buy 1,000 stamped return envelopes for mailing
  • Community question: Why can we not use email for these mailings?
  • Answer: at this time only 50% of community have shared addresses with the Board, and logistics too complicated

Old Business

  • Water shutoff notices sent today (9/11/23) – 30-day notice will expire on 10/11
  • Those with outstanding balances will need to pay for make a payment arrangement if balance is at $120 or more
  • The law does not allow community members to pay fines with community service
  • Community website includes resources for those struggling to pay, and notice letters have link
  • LOTWCC now using “Lake of the Woods Property Owner” instead of individual names on mailings

Adjourn meeting at 6:51pm

Minutes submitted by Secretary Anna Hernandez-French