6-10-2019 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting

June 10, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:00 p.m. by President, Tanya Michaels

Present:  Tanya Michaels, Mary Day, Dave Tyler, Karen Gore, Ed Nielsen, Greg Anderson, Garrett Lebby, Susan Thompson               

Absences- Tinker Jolliff

Community Members: Theresa Adams, Joyce Schilt, Sapphire Carswell

Additions to Agenda – None

Community Comments: – none, other than those mentioned under each topic.



Nothing to report.

1st Vice President (Water System)

Wells are running at maximum, 5HP Each.  Someone broke into Well #1 area but did no damage.  Tony Trotter turned on Pump #4.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance)

Trimmed corner vegetation for better line of sight at corner intersections.  Ed Nielsen had a commercial playground equipment catalog sent to him for costs and equipment choices.  Discussion on new playground equipment.  Would like community suggestions, and involve them in the planning, etc.

  • Teeter-totter
  • More climbing toys


Nothing to report.


Just rec’d reports at 3pm today.  Looks like all the 2018 GL corrections have been made.  May need to pass a motion next month to pay the water reserves fund back from the water maintenance fund.  Spoke with Chieko regarding the 2018 tax return.  Mary re-sent the 1099’s.  Originally 1099’s were sent on Feb. 3rd.

Committee Reports:

  • Bylaws: Mary provided some Bylaws examples to Tanya.  Awaiting Dawn Richie’s return.  Several of the revisions are already typed in.  Need to make add’l changes based on input from Mary Day’s provided examples.
  • Special Events: No report
  • Compliance: No report
  • Budget:  Met June 6th.  Next meeting is June 18th at 6:00 p.m. at Mary Day’s home. 
  • Sign Committee: Met as planned, May 22nd and will meet again this week, Tues. 6/11 at Karen’s home, 6pm.  Karen made some calls.  Sign Express provides all services and has good pricing.  Likely will have a list of sign costs at next Board meeting.  Last signs were made in Gig Harbor, Dave Tyler will provide Karen with the name and contact information.  Greg Anderson provided information to Karen from Titan Signs in Seattle.

Old Business:

New contracts [Water Manager, Grounds Maintenance and Backflow Testing]

Water Contract is done

Backflow contract is done.  Maintenance and Blueline Security Contracts are also done.

Second fish drop — Can be made as late as October or November.  Suggestion was to cancel the second fish drop due to the lake being 3.5-4 ft. deep at this point.  The feeling is that the water level will not raise enough to have another fish drop.  Suggestion was to roll the money from the second fish drop into the 2020 budget.

Discussion on Water Reconnection Fees: 

Tanya will call Janet Biggs to find out how other communities handle water reconnection fees and how they handle shut-off notices.

Security Camera in the Park:  Dave Tyler spoke to his neighbor, but that will not work out to have him do the cameras.  Community member (Lot 144) volunteered to assist in getting the security cameras mounted.

New Business:

Fireworks Reminder:  Ed will be putting reminders out about fireworks banned in our community.

Former Board member:  Mr. Larry Ellis passed away recently.  Suggestion to take flowers or a nice plant—Board Members offered to contribute privately for this.

Goats:  Lot on 134th Street would like to rent a goat temporarily to help rectify overgrown blackberries.  Prior discussion on this from past years is “no” based on Bylaws, and goats that got loose and destroyed other properties.  Noted that this was not a long-term purchase of goats into Lake of the Woods, but a very short-term need.  Some benefits are that this an ecological solution and prevents herbicides into the water table.  The animals would be there temporarily (72 hours max).  Suggestion was that because this is a liability issue, put a time limit (2-3 days) and have a waiver drawn up.

Receipt Scanning: Scanning software that will scan and drop the information into digital format.  May be useful for old information that is currently in storage.  Can also be used as a regular scanner.  Examples of documents that may be saved digitally:  Letters, contracts, Newsletters, etc.  Suggestion was to hire this done and put into the budget for next year.  That will reduce the paperwork volume in storage.  Someone needs to look into the service and find out the costs.  Community Member mentioned “Neat” service also can scan documents and photos and drop into a repository selected by the user.

Community Potluck location: Pete Rix Park.

 Motion:  Donate the Fishing Derby perishable food left-overs to the community picnic.  MMSP

Water front properties: Not everyone that has waterfront properties is aware of where their lots end into the water.  Some property owners are having troubles with people trespassing.  It has become a danger to the residents as individuals who are under-the-influence are wandering onto private property and the home owners feel threatened and insecure.  Ed will help them identify their property lines, and locations to set some “Private Property” signs.  Suggestion that this is a security issue, so perhaps our security people should be notified.

Chickens in LOW:  PC&R’s are recorded with the property, and these cannot be changed.  Chickens are mentioned in the PC&R’s and are prohibited.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:57 p.m. by Tanya Michaels

Submitted by:

Susan Thompson, Secretary