Board Meeting Minutes for July 2022


Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2022

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:15 pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VP X
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VPX 
Anna Hernandez-French- TreasurerXX
Barbara DommertBreckler – SecretaryX 
Tanya MichaelsX 
Garret LebbyX 
Ashley GoldingX 
Bill Sidwell X
Cate Brown X

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey

Additions to agenda:  Delinquency letters, Fireworks

Minutes:  Motion was made by Barbara DommertBreckler to approve the June , 2022 meeting minutes as revised.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  One abstained.  All others approved.  MMSP

Financials:  No financial for this month available. 


President:  No Report

1st VP:  Water system is fine.  Manually starting Pump 4 to help keep water pressure up due to higher demand.  Tony will not be able to do anymore backflow testing.  When Dave is back he will look for a new company.  We will need a letter from Tony to end his contract.  It would be best if we could get three bids for the work and check each company for L&I coverage.

2nd VP:  Dug 20x20x20 hole.  Poured 7 ½ bags of cement and set bolts for new equipment.  Bolts were pulled out.  Pickleball equipment balls were smashed and left out in the rain.  Tanya has cut down trees and offered the chips to the community.  Discussion around fireworks compliance.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez French that any lot found to let off fireworks in the community would be fined $100 per incident.  Seconded by Tanya Michaels.  All approved. MMSP

Secretary:  None

Treasurer:  No report

Compliance Committee:  All compliance letters from December are closed except for lot 103 which is being fined monthly.  For lots 119/193 there are no notes, so Tanya will check with HOA Community Solutions.  There is a question on lot 99’s fence.  The boat that was on lot 105 is gone.  Twenty-eight other cases are in compliance.  Lot 116 truck is still there and lot 112 needs to be checked for compliance. 

Architectural Committee:  No report.

Event Committee:    Pickleball tournament is posted.  The event will include a picnic with a $300 budget.  Garrett has two outstanding receipts. 

Budget Committee:  Meetings will be held 6/30, 7/20, 7/27, 8/10, 8/17, and 9/7 if needed.  The budget will be presented to the Board on 9/17.

Old Business: 


New Business: 

Discuss on the check process which is antiquated.  We should have HOA Community Solutions send unsigned checks to requester.  Discussion on having the checks automatically signed.  We need at least a week to get the checks printed/processed.  Consider buying bulk registered/certified tags.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez French that we direct HOA Community Solutions to auto sign all checks coming from Lake of the Woods Community Association.  Ashley Golding seconded.  All approved.  MMSP

Discussion about building a community office for storage, printing, smaller meetings etc..  Current idea is to build it off of the garage to reduce building cost.  Consider for the 2024 budget.

Cate would like to buy three acrylic flyer holders to post in the public areas.

Motion was made to buy three acrylic flyer holders and any needed concrete to mount them by Anna Hernandez French.  Seconded by Ashley Golding.  All approved MMSP

Delinquency notices are to be sent to Anna Hernandez French.

Dawn is moving.  Karen formally thanked her for her years of service. 

Meeting Adjourned 7:26 pm

Meeting reopened at 7:35pm with no additional discussion and adjourned immediately following.

Minutes recorded by LOTW Secretary Barbara Dommert-Breckler.