NOTICE for 02-16-2023
TO ALL MEMBERS of the Lake of the Woods Community Club

Change to Architectural guidelines – after we did a community Survey, the front of the yard fences can now be 6 feet high, any style. However, you still need to get approval from the Architectural Committee if you are putting in a new fence.

Thank you

Karen Gore – President

Let’s say you want to put up a fence. In our community, we have guidelines (formal Covenants & Restrictions and By-Laws) that control the details of the project. Like any project you want to build, you would need to put your ideas for your new fence down on paper. Maybe you would find a fence you like and take a picture or two to show what you hope to build. This would be your package that you would want to present to the Architectural Committee. They have been formed by our Board Members to help you navigate the guidelines so it’s their function to help make sure your project meets all the necessary details of our Community.

Below, the following form was created. This form is intended to be filled out by the Architectural Committee for all projects and is shown here so that you know the process that the committee uses to access your project. You can use it really as a guideline in your planning and to help you with your informal presentation to a Architectural Committee member, so he can sign off on it, before you start construction.

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