FEB 13th 2023 Board Meeting minutes


Board Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2023

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:02 pm

Board Members Attended:  Karen Gore, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Tanya Michaels, Garret Lebby, Ashley Golding, Jessica Martindale and Cynthia McClurg.

Community Members Attended:  Amanda Bash

Additions to Agenda:  None


Motion was made by Barbara Dommert-Breckler to approve the 01/09/23 and 01/30/23 Board meeting minutes as written.  Seconded by Ashley Golding.  All approved.  MMSP

Introduction of new Board members: Jessica Martindale and Cynthia McClurg

Financials:  No AP expense register. 


President:  No report.

1st VP:  Wells and transfer switch working well.  Dave asked about the bill for the Operational License which has not been received yet.  Tony Trotter will be retiring as Water Manager at the end of June.  Dave has started the process of looking for a replacement including getting a list of Water Managers in Pierce County.   He has completed the Sanitary Survey, drained Tank 1, looked at pipes and installed filter.  This work was just completed on Tank 2.  Tony will change the test stations with the State so the state will draw water tests from one of the listed test stations.  Dave spoke with Carol Stucky at the State to see what certifications are required to be Water Manager.  Cate Brown is interested.  Cate continues to get up to speed on backflow testing.  Four blow-offs need to be fixed and two water boxes need to be dug up and moved.  Amanda Bash asked Dave to get quotes for water system work since LOTW may need to hire this work out in the future. 

2nd VP:  Ed Nielsen reports that garage cleaning continues and the pickleball court has been power washed to prepare it for painting. 

 Secretary:  No report.

Treasurer:  No report. 

Compliance Committee:  Question on when letters are sent to owners from the Compliance Committee and if more than one person should be able to send out letters.  It was discussed we post “Cease and Desist” notices on properties and then send letters.

Tanya Michaels will email the Board each letter that is sent to a lot owner from the Compliance Committee.

It is reported that the Architectural Committee (AC) is frustration at not knowing if their recommendations are being followed.  The Board discussed the need for another member of the Compliance Committee to serve as a liaison to the AC.  There was a general agreement that this would be a good idea and would address community concerns.

Event Committee:    Garrett Lebby would like to improve participation in the holiday decoration contests.  He suggested having 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and three raffle prizes.  It was also suggested we put pictures of the holiday decorations on the website and let the community vote.

Motion was made by Garrett Lebby to allow 6 prizes for the Halloween and Holiday decorations events:  1st prize $100, 2nd prize $75 and 3rd prize $50, and allow three raffle prizes of $25 each.  Motion seconded by Barbara Dommert-Breckler.  All approved.  MMSP

Further discussion included that Board members would not be eligible for any prizes and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners would not be eligible for the raffle prizes.  [Anyone else who decorates for Halloween or Christmas is eligible for the raffle.]

Amanda Bash offered to donate an additional $100 for the Holiday decoration prizes.   

The upcoming Community Events are as follows:

Easter Egg Hunt:         April 8th – Sat.   (Plastic eggs are in the shed.)

Spring Clean-Up:         April 22nd (Sat.) and (Sun.) April 23rd  

Kids’ Fishing Derby:     May 20th (Sat.)  Ed will let Larry know the date to ensure the fish drop is early enough.

Old Business: 


New Business

Anna Hernandez-French has resigned as the Treasurer, but will remain on the Board.  Barbara Dommert-Breckler has volunteered to be Treasurer, which will leave the Secretary position open.  Tanya Michaels volunteered for the Secretary position. 

Motion made by Dave Tyler and seconded by Ed Nielsen to approve Barbara Dommert-Breckler as Treasurer and Tanya Michaels as Secretary.  All approved. MMSP

A ballot regarding the height of fences was provided:

The discussion continued on the Architectural Committee (AC) Declaration, which provided that the standard height of fences in front (street side) of properties in the Lake of the Woods Community would be 4 ft high.  There were some exceptions allowed if the Board approved.  There was, however, nothing evidencing that the Community ever voted to approve the Architectural Committee (AC) Declaration.  Currently the Architectural Committee (AC) Declaration contains Compliance Committee references.  It was determined that a vote was not needed to amend the AC Declaration, which will be sent out for review/updating.  During this review/updating the fence requirement and Compliance Committee information will be removed.  A separate document regarding compliance issues will be drafted.

Motion was made by Garrett Lebby and seconded by Ed Nielsen to repeal the motion to send a ballot to lot owner’s regarding fence options.  Seven approved.  One opposed.  Motion carried.

Amanda Bash asked about the status of the replacement signs for the entries of Lake of the Woods.  Karen has been in contact with the company.  The phone number will be removed, and the signs will be 32” x 32”.  Amanda asked if “no solicitation” could be added.  Some research will be done before the new signs are printed.

Motion was made by Dave Tyler to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Ed Nielson.  All approved.  MMSP

Meeting adjourned 7:15 pm

Minutes recorded by LOTW out-going Secretary Barbara Dommert-Breckler.

Minutes modified by LOTW in-coming Secretary Tanya Michaels.