1-11-21 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2021

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:00 pm

Karen Gore – PresidentAnna Hernandez- French – TreasurerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentGarrett Lebby
Barbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryTanya MichaelsTinker JolliffRegina BraleyJaimie Ehrler
Steve ShobeChristine Anderson   
Jared Christensen    

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Richard Day, Greg Anderson and Theresa Adams

Review of prior meeting minutes:  December 14, 2020

It was moved by BB and seconded by CA to approve the December 14, 2020 meeting minutes as written.  Approved by all present.  MMSP


President: No report

1st VP:  Wells running fine.  Pressure release valve in pump house #2 was replaced and the pump is up and running. 

2nd VP:  The lake is going to flood.  People living around the lake will need to move their belongings up.  Need to ask Tia to post about the lake flooding.  Brown water was flowing into the lake with no known reason.  It is possible that there is an underground leak that is the county issue.

Secretary:  No report 

Treasurer:  Karen is working to get Anna set up for her new position.

Special thanks to Tanya for her last 8 years of service as President.

Compliance Committee:   No one has spoken to anyone the owner of Lot 23.  The Committee should speak to him then wait a month for resolution before beginning fines.    

It was moved by EN and seconded by DT to start fining Lot 16 as recommended by the Compliance Committee.  Approved by all present.  MMSP

Special Events:  Send ideas for new community events to Karen.  Initial ideas:  fruit/veggie trade flea market, car show, Fitness and sports club

Website Committee:  Request to add how to pay dues online to the website.

Old Business:  none

New Business: 

Maturing CD was discussed regarding the need to move the money to A at HOA Community Services- Proposal to move $40K from Community Reserve fund to a CD at Alliance Associate Banks (HOACS bank) relationship bank (name of bank to be secured when decision is made and Alliance is notified), the rate is 0.60% for 24 months which is more than our current CD rate. 

It was moved by AHF and seconded by BB to move Community Reserve funds to an Alliance Association Bank (HOACS bank used) relationship bank in the amount of $40,000 CD.  All approved.  MMSP

LOWCCC-HOA signed contracts for 2020 and 2021 must get to them.  Karen will add a letter and Tanya will then drop off the contract.

Meeting Adjourned by Kare at 6:48 pm