January 10th, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:04 pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VPX 
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VPX 
Anna Hernandez-French- TreasurerX 
Barbara DommertBreckler – SecretaryX 
Tanya MichaelsX 
Garret LebbyX 
Jaimie Ehrler X
Jeremy Scott X
Ashley GoldingX 
Bill SidwellX 
Board Member Attendance

Christine Anderson and Lanny James have resigned from the Board due to personal reasons.

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey

Meetings will be recorded for note taking purposes.

Minutes:  Motion was made by Barbara DommertBreckler to approve the December 13, 2021, minutes with the addition of the refund dollar amount of $135.40.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  All approved.  MMSP

Financials:  Motion was made by Barbara DommertBreckler to approve the checks issued by HOA CS in December 2021.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  3 Abstained and 6 approved.  MMSP


President:  New Board members are Bill Sidwell and Ashley Golding.  Karen Gore has their phone numbers and email addresses.  Thank you for volunteering for 2022 through 2024.  Three absences in a year will result in removal from the Board.

1st VP:  There have been 4 breaks in water lines including one line that had a one-inch hole.  All of these were repaired.  The Lake evacuation valve is open to full but the lake is very full.  The evacuation valve is 18 inches under water.

2nd VP:  We purchased  20 yards of sand and bricks for a retaining wall, as well as the blocks for McGowen Park.  A contractor was hired to come in and take down a 150 feet tree from Pete Rix Park.  One of the new entrance signs was installed.  The area for the planned beach at Pete Rix Park is under water.  The beach will need to be moved back to make sure that high water does not wash the beach away.  NOTE: If a streetlight needs to be repaired, call Pen Light with the light pole number.

Secretary:  None

Treasurer:  Please see New Business

Compliance Committee:  There will be a compliance meeting this week to address complaints. 

Special Events:  Garett Lebby will continue leading the committee.  Ed Nielsen and Ashley Golding are available if help is needed.  We have two extra events budgeted for 2022 and we will need to decide on those events.  Potential new events:  Halloween, Santa.  The total budget for special events is $1500 for the year.

Playground Committee- None

Old Business:  Anna Hernandez-French is going to follow up on the letters to delinquent accounts.

Karen Gore left a message for John Burleigh, an attorney, regarding letters to delinquent accounts but has not heard back.

Bylaws were given to the police officers that provide our security services so they may assist with compliance.  Mark Lapino, a Pierce County Code Enforcement Officer,  handles cars on private property.  Police can ticket cars on public property.

HOA CS contract:

Dawn left a message for Mr. Vandal, CPA, the auditor.  He was out of town and did not get back to her.  During discussion it was stated that the auditors prefer the accrual accounting system to audit.  After conversations with HOACS team, Stephanie, and Liz, it was determined that new reports can be developed that will show our cash status.  Liz is willing to have a Zoom meeting to train us how to interpret/understand the new cash report.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez-French that Dawn Richey, Assistant Financial Liaison and Anna Hernandez-Frenchy will receive the training on the new report form HOA CS and then we will access accrual vs cash accounting system.  Seconded by Tanya Michaels.  All approved.  MMSP

New Business: 

There was a discussion on new credit cards for the 2nd VP for maintenance/parks, general purchases, and special events.  Some in attendance were suspicious of credit cards.  Discussion included the number of new cards and the credit limit on those cards.  Receipts will still be required and an approval before the bills are paid.  If there is concern/misuse around the credit cards can be shut down.

Motion was made by Garret Lebby to have two new credit cards issued, one for maintenance with a $2000 limit and the second for general purpose with a $1500 limit.  Seconded by Anna Hernandez-French.  1 opposed 7 approved for MMSP

The committees will use the general-purpose card for expenses.

Motion was made by Anna Hernandez-French that the general-purpose credit card would be held by Board President.  Seconded by Ashley Golding.  All approved. MMSP

Motion was made by Ed Nielsen and seconded by Ashley Golding to adjourn the meeting.  All approved.

Meeting Adjourned 7:29 pm

Minutes submitted by Secretary Barbara DommertBreckler