PLEASE Volunteer. We need YOU!

There have been approximately 1500 volunteer hours donated to your community, between the efforts of your First(Dave Tyler) and your Second Vice President (Ed Nielsen). So far, we have been able to track just 20 hours from other volunteers. As you can see, both Ed and Dave are doing almost all the work. They are going to retire …..SOON.

As I am sure you all are aware, Ed and Dave (our current VP’s) are getting to the point in their life where they would like spend most of their precious time pursuing interests of their choosing. They are not stepping down as VP’s of our Board. But both of them are post 70 year old and they have declared that they are not able to “do” the physical side of their duties, like they have. They need your help!

When these two giving and hard workers finally turn over their duties to the new people assigned to do the work, your Board of Directors, which includes Ed & Dave, would like their duties to be evenly distributed among the rest of us. The Board has discussed this issue and has determined that we will need 5 people to replace the two who have been doing all these required duties

The Board Members are asking all of you to step up and volunteer to do the work. This act will insure that our dues remain one of the lowest in Washington.

I am sure you realize that our monthly dues includes Security, Maintenance of the Common Areas AND THE TOTAL COST OF YOUR WATER! This is the water you drink and the system it flows through to your sinks.

So if Ed and Dave retire and are not able to do all the “free” work we have enjoyed, we must all pick up their work somehow. The work is not an option. We are not allowed to defer the work to a better time or for a richer budget year.

This is because the By-Laws keep us on focus, to make our community the best it can be. Please Join us – and volunteer to help. You will not be tasked with a full time job. You will be appreciated.

Thanks so much to those people who have already stepped up and helped Dave and Ed!

Common Area & Maintenance – helping with the common area landscaping, even just spend some time helping with the general maintenance of our facilities – please contact Ed Nielsen at 253-884-2713.

Community – If you are able, volunteer to be part of the Community Projects, helping with projects like the installation of our new signage, taking care of our park spaces,

Water – If you want to become part of anything to do with our water (drinking and drainage) use, repair of the pipes, water meter, water projects – please contact Dave Tyler at 253-884-9951.

Perhaps you would like to work on a Special Event – Like assist with the Christmas lighting contest or the Fishing Derby. Feel free to contact Garrett Lebby at 520-370-2496.

If you would have an activity or an idea you think we would all like to participate in, just call a Board Member.  If YOU just want to be part of our amazing place in this world, please contact: Karen Gore – President – [email protected] – 425-761-3632 She will gladly put you on the general list for volunteers. You will be called!!!!