2022 – Maintenance Report

Ed has reported the status for the following projects

  • Pete Rix Park: 
    • Installed new entrance sign.
    • Cut down dead trees and dead limbs and hauled to the dump.
    •  Installed a new Barbecue Grill, put new chains on swings, removed old stump by picnic table.
    • Installed concrete table with checker board top.
    • Remove noxious weed around Lake.
    • Stained fence by Jeremy and Shannon Scott.
  • McGowan Park: 
    • Installed new entrance McGowan sign.
    • Remove dead trees on bank next to Pickle ball court and gave wood to members of LOWCC.
    • Hauled in the 40 ecology blocks for the lake repair.
    • Install new barbecue Grill.
    • Installed 2 concrete tables and 1 bench.
  • DNR Park: 
    • Installed new teeter totter and a sit and spin.
    • Installed a new barbecue grill donate by Dawn Richey.
    • Installed a new concrete bench.
  • Aerator: 
    • Installed new capacitor and new vanes due to power surge.
  • Tractor Shed:
    • Fix perimeter chain link fence damage by Inturders
  • Pea Patch:
    • Cleared Spill way, Removed dead trees, killed black berry.
    • Had fall clean-up.
  • Additional Projects and Maintenance Activities
    • Maintenance on the Kobota tractor. Changed oil and Hyd. filters.
    • Trimmed Tree, Brush and Black Berry.  Cleared trees at intersections.  Cleaned out the drain fields & water spillways. Inspected the green belts.
    • Lake drain, cleaned out the spill way.


There have been approximately 1500 volunteer hours donated to your community, between just the first and second vice president. So far, we have tracked just 20 hours from other volunteers.

As you can see, both Ed and Dave are doing almost all the work. So volunteer already. You will not be tasked with a full time job. You will be appreciated. Thanks so much!