3-9-19 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by President, Tanya Michaels

Present:  Tanya Michaels, Dave Tyler, Mary Day, Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Jaimie Ehrler, Amanda Bash, Ed Nielsen, Sam Shapiro, Greg Anderson, Steve Shobe, and Tinker Jolliff

Absent:  Garrett Lebby, Karen Gore, and Regina Braley

Community Members:  Rich Day

The Board reviewed the minutes for the February 10, 2020 meeting.  It was moved and seconded to approve the February minutes as submitted.  MMSP

Barbara Dommert-Breckler was appointed as Secretary pro-tem.



Tanya spoke to the Nisqually Trout Farm and completed the permit form.  The $94.00 permit fee was previously approved.  The trout farm will deliver 700 +/- fish up to 13 – 18” on May 4th for the fishing derby on May 17th.  In April the Special Events Committee will get together to discuss the fishing derby.

1st Vice President: (Water System)

Dave reported that the wells are running fine.  Samples were taken today by Tony Trotter, our water manager.  All dog houses have been completed, but they still need to be anchored to the concrete.  Tank 2 was drained and flushed.  Three backflow preventers were cleaned. 

2nd Vice President: (Maintenance)

Ed reported that the branches were picked up at and around the pea patch.  The Lake is closed for about a month due to Corona virus.  Gravel at Pete Rix Park needs to be removed.  Three more stakes are needed for the plastic lining going in around the playground equipment.  Mary Day might know where some are.  She will check.  The gravel, plastic lining, frame and child approved chips need to get done prior to the Easter Egg Hunt now set for April 11th.  The chips were budgeted and paid for out of the 2019 budget.  Tanya suggested this work get done after the Easter Egg Hunt, but Dave and Ed thought it could be done prior to that.  The pea gravel will be removed March 14th and 15th starting at 9 am. Volunteers are needed and will need to bring gloves and flat shovels.  Ed has requested we ask Tia Smith to post the need for volunteers on the unofficial Facebook page.  Dave will check on chip delivery.


Mary is concerned about a light out a Pete Rix park.  She will reach out to Peninsula Light for repair.

Mary reported that the HOA Community Solutions’ contract revisions are still in draft form.  Roles still need to be defined.  There may be a special meeting mid-March to finalize the contract.  Mary discussed the accounting and monthly reconciliation, water shut offs and financial inquiry.  The US Bank CD needs to be moved to Home Street Bank to improve our return rates for the water reserve fund.  The Executive Board needs to meet and sign official signatures for the banking.  Our auditor will complete our tax filing.  The auditor needs the CD statements that Columbia Bank does not provided regularly.  Auditor will to send a letter to Columbia Bank to request CD statements.  Audit and taxes expected to be completed around July.  There was a discussion about closing the Columbia Banking account and moving the money to Alliance Bank.  There is no penalty for closing the account.  It was moved to close the Columbia Bank account and move the money to HOACS accounts at Alliance Bank.  MMSP.

Mary reported that the final balance sheet for 2019 needs to be adjusted.  Some concerns about money for bad debt and water supply/repair being coded to the reserve account.  Blue Line needs to improve their billing.  The current bill just has the dollar amount, but no listing of dates and times of patrol.  This has been a previous request.  Mary/Tanya will work to get details on the bills, and they will not be paying Blue Line until detailed invoicing received.  Mary asked Brian to send a detailed bill to the LOW post box.  [There was a question if we could schedule Blue Lines patrol schedule.  Answer from Mary was “no.”  If we schedule them, they become LOW employees instead of contractors which cause tax, insurance and liability issues.


Karen Gore was absent.  No report.


Compliance – Rich Day reports there needs to be a meeting.  Tanya will give Ed a list of potential lots out of compliance.  There are approximately 30 lots.

Budget – Mary day said a meeting will be held in May.

Bylaws – The review has been completed by the attorney with focus on the RCWs compliance.  Updating is occurring on the recommendations.  One more meeting to finalize is expected.

Newsletter – It was recommended that the Newsletter committee name be changed to Communications committee and that the committee definition be “a minimum of two members” with any maximums removed.  June is the anticipated distribution of the finalized by-laws with hand delivery to the Community Member and signatures obtained to indicate receipt by homeowners.

Special Events – November 7th (Noon to four p.m.)  is the annual community meeting at the Key Center Fire Station in the meeting room.  Spring Clean Up is April 25th and 26th at McGowan Park, 9am to 4pm each day (or until all containers are full).  Volunteers need to cover the times for the cleanup.  April 11th is the Easter Egg Hunt.  There was a discussion around potentially using environmentally friendly eggs (Ondia will look into options) and not filling all eggs with candy (Barbara will work on other egg filling options).

Community Signs – There is no proposal from the company that is to bid on the community signs.  Any money assigned to capital project must be used this calendar year (to include signage and playground equipment).  There was a discussion around naming these meetings “community meetings” instead of Board meetings to encourage community attendance.  Sam will speak to the sign company around proposal.


Each Director needs to serve on at least one committee every year.  The following are the committee assignments chosen:

  1. Budget:  Mary, Dave, Amanda, Ed, Regina and Barbara (?)
    1. Newsletter (now Communications):  Ed, Garrett and Jaimie.  This committee will include the official Facebook page and website.
    1. Nomination:  No volunteers
    1. Special Events:  Tinker, Barbara, Ed, Steve, and Karen.
    1. Compliance:  Rich Day, Ed, Sam and Greg.
    1. Bylaws – Dawn Richey, Ed, Dave, Mary Nielsen and Tanya.

Water shut-off procedures and collecting past due assessments is tabled until the April meeting.  No past due letters have been sent for the last four months.  A new delinquency list will be pulled as of March 13th.

Webpage/newsletter/official Facebook page discussion.  Jaimie likes, and is excited to work on these.  No personal information will be published except for BOD emails and phone numbers.  There is a LOW email and phone number that will be published, but then needs to be monitored.  Further discussion will be tabled until April.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Barbara Dommert-Breckler