APRIL 20th and APRIL 21st – It’s time for the Annual Community Clean – Spring 2024

April 20th Saturday and April 21st Sunday, at McGowan Park (South end of 142nd Ave) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am until all dumpsters are full, or 4:00 pm, which ever happens first.

Rules are simpleOnly one (1) load per lot will be allowed until 12:00 noon on Sunday.  If the dumpsters are not yet full at that time, then any lot – on a first come basis – may bring another load until all dumpsters are filled. 

Please check in with volunteers at the event prior to dumping your rubbish. To check in you will need to know your lot number or your address as identification.  Only community members may participate.

NO household garbage (food waste, etc.) NO yard waste or animal waste.
NO tires, NO concrete, NO dirt with or without rocks.
NO Appliances such as microwaves, TVs or any kind of electrical appliances, computers, printers or fax machines – Goodwill will take them.
NO wet paint cans  (We will take cans that are dried out). NO chemicals hazordose or otherwise, No accelerants are allowed. 
We canNOT take large furniture such as couches, stuffed chairs, bed frames, etc.

To ensure proper disposal with the County, rubbish will be checked prior to dumping.  If you have any questions about what is allowed to be dumped, please check with the attendants before unloading from your vehicle.

We will take CAR BATTERIES (if undamaged), Metal items (i.e. Kitchen and Laundry appliances, lawn mowers, etc.) check with attendant before putting in dumpsters.

Please Note:  You do not need to be current in your assessments to come to the Clean Up, and if you know a member who has rubbish, but is unable to bring it due to medical issues or lack of a vehicle, please call contact Karen Gore at (425) 761-3632 and prior to the clean-up so we can make pickup arrangements, we have volunteers who will do this.