The 2022 Community Update Report for WATER

  1. Installed two new VFC (Variable Flow Controller) Controllers by Reds Electric. 1 of the two was due to a utility transformer failure that blew up our equipment that feeds our well.  Most of the cost was covered by our insurance company.
  2. Also Installed new transfer switch at well #1, for the same reason as above.
  3. Dug up around well #2 and installed new drain line.
  4. Cover ground around well with rock to prevent erosion.
  5. Installed a new retaining wall below Well #2.
  6. Raised security fence that was collapsing and straighten out fence.
  7. Hauled in dirt to fix the back fence of Well #2 so to add new fence post.
  8. Finished to back of well #2 structure.
  9. Repaired broken water lines in community.
  10. Purchase more 2” blow off valves.
  11. Installed new winterizing bags in water meter and backflow boxes.
  12. Fix broken water pipe on line at the end of 140th.