11-7-20 Meeting Minutes


2020 Annual Community Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2020

Call to Order: by Tanya Michaels at 12:08pm

Tanya Michaels- PresidentKaren Gore- TreasurerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentJaimie Ehrler
Barbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryGreg AndersonTinker JolliffChristine AndersonGarrett Lebby
Steve Shobe    
Regina BraleyAnna Hernandez- French   

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Mary Dommert-Breckler, Amanda Bash, Rich Day, Chuck and Carol Wood, Lorraine Luther, Jared Christensen, Michael and Lesa Hystek.

Review of prior 2019 annual meeting minutes:  Meeting minutes from November 2019.

It was moved by DT and seconded by KG to approve the 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes as written.  Approved by all present. MMSP


President: There will be three meetings this month:  today, November 9th during which officer roles and responsibilities will be discussed and November 19th which will be a meeting to vote for officers.  The meetings will be at Pete Rix park.  Tanya introduced the Board Members.  New bylaws were completed and voted on and passed in 2020.  If anyone would like a copy please sign up on the clipboard on the corner of the small table by Barbara.  One of the major changes in the new bylaws is the number of vehicles is limited to 8 per property which must be licensed, running and stored on the owner’s property.  Campers may only be on owner’s property for six months.  Once the camper comes off the property, the clock for the six months restarts.  Blue Line no longer provides security for us.  All security is provided by Pierce County Sherriff Officers.  They know the area, are allowed to ticket and arrest when issue arise. 

1st VP:  Water system is in good shape.  Reminder not to get into water boxes.  Tampering with a water box will cause a $500 fine.

Completion on the water system 2020:

  1. Built dog houses for wells number 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Built digging plate for backhoe.
  3. Pressure washed, sanded and repainted water tank at well 2.
  4. Removed fence and dug out dirt around water tank well 2.
  5. Installed block wall outside water tank.
  6. Poured new footing and built new structure around water tank well 2.
  7. Installed new risers around shutoff valves pump house 2.
  8. Repaired a Main water leak on 137th Ave between 138th and 140th with Pen Light.
  9. Cleaned over 100 backflows.  When Dave/Ed stop cleaning backflows this will cost about $100 each for a total of over $50,000.  Discussed advertising work needed/community volunteer days.
  10. Cleaned out blackberry bushes around water boxes.
  11. Cleaned out dirt in water boxes fill from moles.
  12. Filled over 200 bags of wood chips for insulation for water boxes done by Ed Nielson

Volunteers that helped with Water in 2020

Ed Nielson

Steve Shobe

Travis Kiser

Bob Walls

Bert Braley

2nd VP:  Due to COVID-19 we have not had the usual community events.

Pete Rix:  Gravel removed from the big toy area, barrier installed and replaced with engineered wood chips.

McGowen Park:  Treated and cleaned picnic table due to moss.

Tractor:  Changed the oil and will do hydraulics soon.

Trailer:  The wood and rust were removed.  It was then primed and painted.

Pickle Ball Court:  The court was cleaned and plugs were engineered for the nets.

Fish Plant:  We had one fish plant.

Community Clean-Up:  We had two separate clean up events.  One usually held in April was cancelled due to COVID.  We rescheduled one in August but the dumpsters were filled before the end of the first day.  Many residents were disappointed.  We managed to schedule the second one in September, but attendance was low. 

Secretary:  We received 44 ballots.  All voted yes on the budget.  Only 43 ballots voted on the security measure, 39 yes and 4 no votes.  The following individuals were voted onto the Board:  Christine Anderson, Garrett Lebby, Karen Gore, Anna Hernandez-French, Tinker Jolliff, Ed Nielsen, Jaimie Ehrler, David Tyler and Jarred Christensen.  Greg Anderson was voted onto the Architecture committee. 

Treasurer:  Treasurer Achievement for 2020

We wish to thank Mary Day who was our Treasurer from January 1st to Mid-March 2020.  Mary worked very hard at ensuring all accounts were up today and bills were being paid.

We also wish to thank Dawn Richey who acts as the Community Accounting Advisor.  She spends hours each month working behind the scenes, with the Treasure and Budget Committee.

Thank you to the 2021 Budget Committee for working so hard and quickly in building the budget.  Members were: Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Theresa Adams, Dawn Richey, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, and Karen Gore

  • The Audit was successfully completed for the year 2019
  • Successfully closed the Columbia Bank checking account for $4941.00, moving this to Alliance Association Bank.  The money was put into a 6 month CD with a $59 contribution by Dawn Richey for a total amount of $5000.  Upon its maturity, the money will be placed in the Water Operations budget for use in 2021.
  • Budget Committee was able to complete the 2021 budget quickly this year with fewer meetings being required.
  • Worked to build a strong relationship and clear communication with the team at HOA Community Services our Bookkeeping service.

Compliance Committee:   The compliance committee continues to send approximately 9 compliance letters with fees to 9 lots a month.  We are allowed to charge the fees but not shut off the water due to COVID-19.

Budget Committee:  Dawn thanked the Budget Committee.  She covered that the budget purpose is to pay the bills and then budget the improvements. Went over that there was no increase to the budget for 2021 and since there is no water reserve special assessment the amount per year is actually $30 less.  Total for 2021 is $505.72 with $48.41 for the first three months and $38.81 per month for the rest of the year.  She discussed the new sand area and equipment for Pete Rix park, new equipment for McGown park and the new equipment for the green area. 

Tanya opened it up for Q&A.  There were none.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:53