February 12, 2024 Board Meeting minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
February 12, 2024 starts at 6pm at the Key Peninsula Civic Center

Call to Order at 6:03pm

Board member present – Katelynn Graham, Dave Tyler, Frank Benson, Karen Gore,

Board members Absences – Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Anna Hernandez-French, Danna Burnett, Garrett Lebby

Community Members present – Theresa Adams, Charles Wood, Tanya Michaels, Edward Wieh

Board Reviewed Meeting Minutes from December 12, 2023 and January 8, 2024 meetings.  Minutes were approved with changes to the December 12, 2024 meeting noted.  MMSP

Review and Approval of Checks issued with signature page (AP Expense Register emailed from HOA Community Solutions) from January financials.  


President – no report

1st Vice President (Water System) (Dave Tyler reporting)– the wells are currently running up to required standards.  Two of the testing stations are broken and need repairs.  These repairs will be handled in the next month.  Peninsula Light would like to install timers on pumps #2 and #4 to ensure they are cycling regularly.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance) (Dave Tyler reporting) – The water in the Lake is very high right now, and being monitored.  Brushes around McGowan Park need to be cleaned up for spring.  Need a sign for the Lake front part of McGowan stating No Diving, concrete  wall below ordered and installed before swimming weather arrives. Karen Gore will get this ordered from Jessica our community sign vendor.

Secretary – no report

Treasurer – no report

Special Events – (Garrett Lebby)  will post notice of upcoming Easter Egg Hunt to community website and to unofficial Facebook page in March.

Discussion continues around the concept of hiring a property manager to handle the jobs currently being done by Dave, Ed Neilson and other community volunteers. Karen Gore is trying to contact the President from Holiday Lake to see if they are interested in working as a team on the hiring to handle both communities.

Amendment for Bylaws was presented to the Board for review.  Due to lack of quorum of Board Members a special meeting will be set up in the next week or two.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm  

Submitted by Karen Gore