November 13th Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2023

Key Peninsula Civic Center Whitmore Room

Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm

Board Members present – Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Anna Hernandez-French, Karen Gore, Dave Tyler, Garrett Lebby, Danna Burnett

Board Members absent – None

Community Members – Danielle McElroy, Steve McElroy, Katelyn Graham

Meeting Minutes from Oct. 29 (resched. Oct monthly meeting) were approved via email with no corrections

October check register signed and approved by Board

New Board Member

Katelynn Graham voted onto the LOTW Board – MMSP



  • KG hasn’t heard from playground company about shipment but has asked for a 2 hours heads up on delivery so as to notify volunteers for unloading

1st VP

  • DT getting generator from Tacoma tomorrow 
  • All concrete for generator pad and playground purchased and stored indoors, 40 bags total
  • DT moves that the Board carry over funds for generator into next year’s budget because the labor costs won’t likely be taken care of before the close of this year
  • Motion tabled till December meeting
  • Moving one water box for testing, still three more to dig and three to fill back in
  • Board needs to figure out where Pete Rix playground equipment is going to go and to buy woodchips 
  • Order now for spring delivery if we can figure out where it will go


  • None


  • None

Committee Reports:


Christmas lights on the 23rd, DB to help GL

New Business:


  • Mailing of new assessment info should go out by end of week
  • Payment plan requests

A – bring payment up to $100/month – Board approves MMSP

B – wants late fees waived – Board votes to keep late fees in place MMSP

C – misinformed twice by HOACS, now owes $100 in late fees, KG wants more info before a decision is made

  • All late fees are paused once a decision is requested from the Board until that decision is made
  • Request HOACS to print lot numbers on reports alongside addresses

Changes to Bylaws

  • Short-term vs. Long-term Rentals
  • KG getting lots of calls about ppl wanting to turn properties into Air B&Bs
  • This is not allowed – challenged by an attorney, but want it in by-laws, clearly stated
  • Need to define “short-term rentals” as opposed to a residence 
  • LOTW Mailing Address
  • Need to change our mailing address to the tractor shed – P.O. box is inconvenient and expensive 
  • Tractor shed has an address and could have a lock box added
  • Drones
  • Community needs rules for this and other new technologies that threaten individual privacy and property lines, and other issues of safety and security
  • Ex: A child’s window was spied through by a teen, need rules for new technology that violate neighbor privacy and property lines
  • This is trespassing, and violation of state law
  • Any additions to bylaws to address this stuff will need to go through a lawyer
  • Community observation – in camp Murray they couldn’t enforce laws until they posted signs, so that’s something to look into

Old Business

Water Shutoffs

  • Lot 314 – water shutoff, KG to confirm if non-compliant issues still an issue
  • How are we handling shutoffs – HOACS has sent current list, KG to send to DT, DT to shut off the water
  • KG noticed some very small delinquency amounts on people’s accounts – something is wrong 
  • Could be when that rules changed when people were moving over to auto pay? A glitch? KG to look into


  • Foreclosed properties moved to 12/2

Community Questions

Could we host virtual meetings?

  • Not at this location due to internet
  • We did during COVID, but few ppl show up
  • We continue to discuss it and if logistically we can one day we will

Short-term rentals

  • Could this raise our property values?
  • Maybe, but you can’t control customers, and owners aren’t on-site
  • Also, fires
  • Plus we don’t allow businesses run out of properties

What about corporate rentals?

  • We would want to handle these differently

Executive Board Elections

2ndVP Maintenance will remain vacant

Current officers to remain – MMSP

Adjourn meeting at 6:58 pm

Minutes submitted by Secretary Anna Hernandez-French