On November 14, 2022, Lake of the Woods Community Club Board of Directors adopted the following rules, regulations, and fees for water distribution and service for owners of property within the Lake of the Woods Community.  The boundaries of the service and distribution are set forth in the map attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Real Estate owners within the boundaries of Exhibit A who are not delinquent in their assessments or other fees are entitled to the following benefits and privileges of the water distribution, service, and facilities of the Community Water System:

  • The right to receive water from its distribution system.
  • The right to own a proportional share of the facilities and equipment that makes up the water distribution system.
  • The right to participate in the management of the water system.


The rates for water distribution, service, and maintenance are effective immediately and shall remain effective until properly amended as provided herein.

  1. All lots shall be assessed $473.00 per year for 2023, with $220being designated to the Water System, $163 to Community Maintenance, and $50.00 to Security for Lake of the Woods Community Club (LOWCC). 
  1. Additionally, all lots shall be assessed a Special Assessment of (a) $40.00 for the next two (2) years to fund our Reserve Fund.  The special assessments are included with the general assessments for a total of $473 per lot for the year (2023).
  1. Any landowner whose water service is disconnected because assessments and/or fees are delinquent will be charged a $100.00 reconnection fee.  Any landowner that reconnects their water service without Board approval or tampers with the water meters, water boxes, or water system will be assessed a flat fee of $500.00.  These charges are in addition to the rates listed above.
  1. Except as stated herein, any landowner who the Board determines to be non-compliant with the Lake of the Woods Community Club’s Protective Covenants and Restrictions or Architecture Committee standards shall be fined $100.00 per month for each compliance issue until the Board determines the landowner to have cured the compliance issue(s).  Each non-compliance issue is subject to a monthly fine (i.e. if a landowner has 3 vehicles that are not compliant, a tarp covered roof, and garbage piled in their yard, that would result in 5 separate compliance issues).  If a landowner is in violation of having more than one dwelling unit on their property, they will be assessed a minimum fine of $500.00 per month each month until the additional dwelling unit is removed or vacated.
  1. All lots shall be assessed a transfer fee of $150.00 upon a change of ownership.
  1. Any landowner who is delinquent in assessments, fees, fines or penalties and has a lien filed against the subject real property shall be assessed a $304 for first page, $1 for additional pages fee for the cost of the filing and an additional $99 to release the lien.


Billing for water distribution, service, maintenance, community maintenance and security shall be made and paid each year, payable monthly with a minimum payment of $39.42 for each month unless the landowner has paid or has credited to his/her account the minimum annual amount of $473.04. The billed amount will be considered late on the 10th of the month and the landowner will be charged a $5.00 late charge.  If payment is not made for sixty (60) days or delinquency exceeds $60.00, a notice will be sent, and water may be disconnected until the account is brought current. 

The Special Assessment designated for the Reserve Fund for Lake of the Woods is $40.00 a year or $3.33 a month.  This is part of the annual assessment amount of $473.00 for 2023.

Any deviation or modification of the above rates and charges is effective only upon approval of the Board of Directors of Lake of the Woods Community Club.


Any new landowner who is a member of Lake of the Woods Community Club in good standing may apply for water distribution and service.  The landowner needs to contact the Lake of the Woods Community Club with the lot number and date he/she acquired the property.  All members in good standing are entitled to the use of the parks, lake, and playgrounds by their families and guests (when accompanied by a member).


Water service shall include the distribution of water from the Community wells through the main lines and to the water box at the corner of each lot.   Landowners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the trunk line that runs from their property line to the residence.

In order to continually provide the community with clean drinking water Lake of the Woods Community Club shall be responsible for all maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades of the wells, pumps, well houses, back-up generator and main distribution lines.

Lake of the Woods Community Club shall be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the parks, lake, playgrounds and all other property owned by Lake of the Woods Community Club.