4-25-20 Special Meeting Minutes


Special Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

April 25, 2020

Call to Order:

Conference call meeting was called to order by President, Tanya Michaels at 3:04 pm.  

Present via conference call as allowed in Governor Inslee’s April 17, 2020 Proclamation:   Tanya Michaels, Tinker Jolliff,  Ed Nielsen, Garrett Lebby, Steve Shobe, Regina Braley, Dave Tyler, Amanda Bash, Karen Gore, Barbara Dommert- Breckler, Ed Nelsen

Absences:  Sam Shapiro, Greg Anderson

Community Members:   Christine Anderson and Chuck Wood

Additions to Agenda:  No additional items

Review of Board Minutes (tabled until May Meeting).

Special Meeting Issues:

Fish Drop – May 4th – It was moved to have the fish dropped as normal and to allow the fish 10 days to acclimate.   MMSP

Refund on Lot 98 – $1,268.44 due in refund.  It was moved to refund Lot 98 the credit balance, minus the remainder of his 2020 assessments.   A letter will be sent to advise Lot 98 that fees will resume January 1, 2021.  MMSP

Governor’s Proclamation mandates that we are to forgive late fees for April and May, not initiate non-compliance fees, not shut off any water, not charge water shut off fees, and not do collection of past assessments from April17th through May 17, 2020.   In keeping with Governor’s Inslee’s April 17, 2020 Proclamation the parks and lake will remain closed pending further proclamations.  Ed will put up signs advising members that there is no fishing, no boating, and no use of park equipment/tables until further notice.

Reserve Study (First year of Third Reserve Study) – We are ready to have the onsite visit done for the first Stage of our third Reserve Study done.  The reserve study will provide the numbers needed for our 2021 budget.  Motion has been made that we have our reserve study for 2020 done by Jeff Samdal.  MMSP

Replacement shed on Lot 146:  The homeowner on Lot 146 has torn down an old shed on his lot and started to build a new one in the same spot.  The homeowner did not first consult with the Architecture Committee.  Our Protective Covenants and Restrictions require an 8 foot set back from existing property lines when building a structure.  The issue was discussed and it was moved to advise the homeowner that we could not approve the current location of his shed as there was not an 8 foot set back from the neighbors’ property line as required by the PC&Rs.  MMSP

On March 15, 2020, Mary Day resigned from the Board of Directors and resigned as Treasurer.  There was an election to fill the vacancy.  It was moved to elect Karen Gore, the current Secretary, as the Treasurer for the remainder of the year (2020).  MMSP.  As electing Karen Gore as the new Treasurer left the Secretary position vacant, it was moved to elect Barbara Dommert-Breckler as the new Secretary effective immediately.  MMSP

Christine Anderson volunteered to join the Board again.  It was moved to re-elect Christine Anderson as a Director to serve for the remainder of 2020.  In November 2020 she can run for reelection.  MMSP

Meeting Adjourned by Tanya Michaels at 4:18 pm.

Karen Gore