9-13-21 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2021

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:09 pm

Karen Gore – PresidentAnna Hernandez- French – TreasurerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentJared Christensen
Tanya MichaelsChristine AndersonJaimie Ehrler  
Barbara Dommert Breckler- SecretaryGarrett LebbySteve Shobe  

Community Members Attended: Dawn Richey, TBD[AHF1] 

Review of prior meeting minutes:  August 9, 2021

Correction: TM noted that though it was noted that it AH was to be voted back onto the Board, the approval was not included. KG to amend.

It was moved by DT and seconded by AH to approve the August 9, 2021 meeting minutes as amended.  Approved by all present.  MMSP

Checks/AP register:

August reports not yet received from HOACS, so no checks to approve. AH to request reports in time for Budget Committee meeting on September 15, 2021. MMSP


President: No report

1st VP:  Wells all running great, pump house 4 needs switch replaced. Some backflows being changed. Repair parts to be purchased for 10 more backflows.

TM inquired what is done when changing backflows DT explained this means to clean them, which takes only a few minutes.

2nd VP:  Moved a picnic table from Pea Patch to McGowan, and another picnic table from McGowan to Pete Ricks. Helping DT with backflows.

Secretary:  Absent, no report. AH taking minutes. 

Treasurer:  Budget Committee will have final meeting on September 15, 2021 and submit 2022 budget to the Board on September 20, 2021. Continued frustration with level of service from HOACS. Monthly reports consistently late. AH trying to schedule conference call but struggling to get key HOACS staff to attend.

Compliance Committee:  Lot 26 – no letter, no charge. TM talked to owner’s sister a month ago. She wanted to get rid of charge. Address has been wrong so Lot 26 not getting letters. They moved the car, so no further action needed.

Lot 204 – cannot verify a letter has been sent, so a new letter will be sent.

Lot 311 – everything cleaned up, so no further action needed.

Lot 37 and Lot 248 are closed.

Special Events:  No report.

Playground Committee: Working to secure two “bouncy horse”-like items for DNR park. These will come out of the 2021 budget, community reserve.

Two round stone tables (one with a chessboard) and one long stone table ordered. Ordered two round tables and one long. One round has chess board. DR found great deal on commercial BBQs on Amazon. Working on getting reimbursement process confirmed with HOACS. AH to request that information from HOACS. These will come out of the 2021 budget, community reserve.

EN got deal for benches from retailer in Allyn. Great prices, include setup. Color will be olive green. These will come out of the 2021 budget, community reserve.

Working on getting bids from 4 companies for commercial quality structures for DNR and Pete Ricks. Budget Committee to consider for 2022 budget.

Budget Committee: DR confirmed that Budget Committee will present proposed 2022 budget to Board for approval on September 20, 2021. Meeting to be held at TM’s, 6pm.

Old Business: 

Community Maintenance – Board will need to start hiring ppl to help DT and EN.

Compliance Process and Documentation – TM hasn’t been able to write out compliance process and docs. Will have for October 11, 2021 Board Meeting.

KG creating a Standard Operating Procedure book to pass down to future Board Executives and Members.

Pre-annual Community Meeting – October 11 is the date for mailing materials to community members. AH to request mailing and return labels from HOACS. Once materials weight and price confirmed, postage to be purchased in bulk from Post Office via check. TM to host envelope stuffing party. Can work on labeling in advance, along with KG. Meeting will include a potluck. Cookout is a maybe.

New Business: 

Current process for requesting checks from reserve accounts via HOACS requires a board member to pick up check from HOACS office and obtain two Board signatures, then mailed. Before 2021 these payments went through Strongroom – accounting service – and then mailed directly to recipient. HOACS says LOTW requested this change via email, but cannot produce email. Decision not in meeting minutes.

AH to communicate to HOACS that LOTW will proceed with the old process going forward, having reserve payments go through Strongroom. This decision will be put to Board to vote.

TM noted Community Interest statute change in last year. May have something to do with process change.

It was moved by AH that all general and reserve fund expenditures be processed for payment through Strongroom via invoice or reimbursement request and receipt with two signatures for approval. Upon approval, HOACS to issues check to vendor using authorized digital signatures for checks and mail payment to vendor. Personal signatures not to be required. This change will not apply to operating expenditures as otherwise noted in statue, nor will it apply to the fish drop. JE seconded. Approved by all present.  MMSP

Park Guidance Committee – KG proposed creation of new ad hoc committee to draft and present to the Board five-year plan for community parks. Plan would include projects and improvements proposed, broken down into those the community can take on personally and those that must be contracted out, along with costs.

It was moved by AH that an ad hoc Park Guidance Committee be created. DT seconded. Approved by all present.  MMSP

Due to needed research and legal nuance, letter review for those behind payment removed from new business, to be included at a future meeting.

Location of 2021 annual meeting – as of date of meeting, Fire Dept. won’t let us use their space. As backup board to approve deposits to hold Whitmore Room and Kitchen at Key Center. Deposit amount is $100 per space, $200 in total, to be hand-delivered to vendor. Deposits are refundable. Meeting to be held from noon-5pm.  

It was moved by DT that, pending Board approval at September 20, 2021 meeting, AH to request two separate checks from HOACS for deposits on the Whitmore Room and Kitchen at Key Center. JE seconded. Approved by all present.  MMSP

Document control – this is an ongoing project of scanning and storing documentation in the cloud. KG has list of of docs needed, and will reach out to request from those who have them.

Meeting visited by Officer Ward. Members shared gratitude and positive feedback. Officer Ward noted that there are fewer problems in community now than when patrols started.

TM questions:

1) when we do minutes and agendas could we add page numbers? – KG: yes

2) register complaint. Sign at community entrance too small. KG to work with contractor to acquire signs of a similar size as those the new signs replaced. JE confirmed with contractor via text that contract only needs dimensions. KG to get dimensions to contractor.

DR – noted in bylaws for special board meeting that Board must post at all three entrances. KG to ensure this happens, and confirmed that September 20, 2021 meeting is posted on LOTW website. It is also posted on community Facebook page. KG will have sandwich boards by September 16, 2021 to post at entrances.

DT –  someone turned water off at a house via the box. If anyone sees this happen, let DT know.

TM questions:

1) on our agenda it says doc control process. Says board needs copies of compliance letters. Why? KG – We want them in the cloud. Someone on Board needs to receive them.

2) if anyone has time there are many boxes of files, duplicates, etc. Finished 10 boxes. Filled up 4.5 to shred. Bought big totes. EN took them up to tractor shed so when ready and able TM knows which have been done. Those who still have boxes, bring to TM who will work on them after Nov. 1. If docs don’t have personal identifying info they can be recycled. If they do, shredded. TM also found two notebooks of liens. Those are in totes. File for liens?

It was moved by DT that the meeting be adjourned. AH seconded. Approved by all present.  MMSP

Meeting Adjourned by Karen at 7:06pm.

 [AHF1]Karen do you know the gentleman’s name?