2-10-20 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by President, Tanya Michaels

Directors Present Attendance: Tanya Michaels, Tinker Jolliff, Ed Nielsen, Mary Day, Garrett Lebby, Greg Anderson, Steve Shobe, Regina Braley, Dave Tyler,  Amanda Bash, Karen Gore

Absences:  Barbara Dommert- Breckler, Sam Shapiro

The Board reviewed the minutes for the January 13, 2020 meeting.  It was moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  MMSP

Community Members: Joyce Schilt, Mary Nielsen, Ben Demloy, Lanny James, Jaimie Ehrler, Joseph Ehrles

Review of Board Minutes (January 13, 2020)

The location for the annual HOA meeting for 2020 was discussed. It was suggested that we hold the annual meeting at the Fire Station in Key Center.  The date agreed upon was November 7th (Saturday) pending availability. The meeting would start at Noon going until 3pm.  Ed will check with the Fire Station to ensure that this date is open.  If not available, we will switch the date to November 14th

Mary received the canceled check back from the Civic Center which was used for our 2019 Annual meeting. 

Currently, we only have budgeted money for one fish drop.   We need to get our fish permit for the 2020 fishing derby.  A motion has been made that we apply for our fish permit.  MMSP


President   –  no report

1st Vice President (Water System): Everything is working well.  Built 3 dog houses to protect the  pumps. They have been insolated; just need the tin for the roofing. No backflows for this month.  The contract the HOA has is for one year of well management and we have paid for one year of service.  The contract does not stipulate that backflows much be done each month to receive payment.   

2nd Vice President (Maintenance): The water level of Doyle’s Pond is being closely monitored.  We want to keep the lake as high as is safe so if we have a hot summer it does not dry up completely.  There is debris floating around in the lake which is being fished out but if you see any, please remove.   

Secretary  – no report

Treasurer:  We have not been able to close our books for 2019.  This is due to not being able to reconcile them; waiting on US Bank for more information.  We need to decide what tax accounting firm or professional we would like to do our taxes. Last year there were some communication issues between HOA and tax person.   Proposals will be sent out to board members.  An auditor has been selected.   We have not seen a bill for the use of the fire station we use for our monthly meetings.  Still reconciling the website cost which come through the HOA credit card.  Garrett’s personal card is on the website right now to pay the website bill.  This will be changed in the near future.   The two capital projects, playground and signage, must be completed by end of the year (2020).

Committee Reports:

Compliance – no reports

Budget – tabled – second Thursday of May for first meeting of committee.

Special Events – Tinker and Barbara will go to store to pick of plastic eggs and candy.

Street Signs –  We will submit to the community via our Official Facebook page four sample styles and the option to have no entrance signs at all.

Review and Approval of Checks Issued (AP Expense Register emailed from HOACS) – reviewed and approved.

By-laws – Tanya will get the revised by-laws out to the committee members for discussion and review.  Would like to have these ready within the next two months.

Old Business:

Web Page/Unofficial Facebook Entries – with New Official Facebook we need to have formal use guidelines and rules.

Security services – February 11th Tanya, Ed and Karen are meeting with the Blue Line Security company rep to discuss communications.

Changes to Security Contract Issues

New Business:

Board Members’ Choice of Committees:

Amanda – Events

Regina – Budget

New Water Shut-off Procedures  – The Treasure and the President will both has access to the list of who are not current on their monthly payment.  The board discussed the fee for being late for those that repeatedly do not pay.  We may need the board look at new ways to handle this process.    Tanya and Mary will contact the HOA Community Services to see if they have some suggestions on how to handle this matter.

Collecting Past Due Assessments – This is a legal matter that will be handle in the future.

Erosion at McGowan Park – We need to think about to get materials on site so when the lake drops again we can build a dike and wall to stop the erosion. The best time to purchase the block is summer time when they are less expensive.  Need to allocate money now so we can purchase material when best pricing has been identified.  We have over two feet of silt at the one end of the lake that needs to be cleaned out. We need to establish amount for this project for inclusion in the 2021 budget.

Sign Vendor – Chuck from the Sign Man come to the meeting to provide us with samples of metal and marine plywood for the signs we ask him and another vendor to provide bids.

It has been moved that Jaimie Ehrler join the board for 2020. MMSP         

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35pm