6-17-21 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2021

Special Meeting

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:10 pm

Karen Gore – PresidentBarbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentJaimie Ehrler
Tanya MichaelsChristine Anderson   
Steve ShobeAnna Hernandez- French – TreasurerGarrett Lebby  

Community Members Attended:  Greg Anderson

It was moved by BDB and seconded by DT to approve the addendum to the Annual Meeting Minutes.  Approved by all present.  MMSP

Compliance Committee: 

Lot 59- Complained about letter received from the Compliance Committee.  The Board reviewed the   PCNRs and noted that the Architectural Committee has oversight/approval powers.  Bylaws were reviewed and they state that all vehicles must be licensed and operable.  The Architectural Committee rules state that inoperable/unlicensed vehicles must be under a tarp.

The group discussed the regulation and determined that all letters need definitive language….for example lot owners must comply with regulation XX or be fined.

It was moved by JE and seconded by DT that the Compliance Committee/Board need to make a template letter to be used for unlicensed/inoperable vehicle issues to include the language from the PCNRs and Architectural Committee rules.  All approved. MMSP

Meeting Adjourned by Karen at 6:45 pm