8-12-19 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting

August 12, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:06 p.m. by President, Tanya Michaels

Present:  Tanya Michaels, Karen Gore, Ed Nielsen, Greg Anderson, Garrett Lebby, Susan Thompson, Mary Day, Dave Tyler               

Absences- Tinker Jolliff

Community Members: Theresa Adams, Dawn Richie, Rich Day, Bob Walls, Joe Minder, Lanny James

Additions to Agenda:  None

Review July 12, 2019, Board Meeting minutes.

Motion: Approve minutes for July 12, 2019 as submitted.  MMSP

Community Comments:

New Owner – Lot 272:  Property was abated several years ago, and new owner has purchased the property through an Auction sale.  He has been purchasing properties this way for 20 years.  Title search and showed (First American Title) lien of $5,965.70 owing for past assessments, late charges and compliance fees.  Had to hire an attorney to obtain clean title, so much money spent on that.  Requesting that Board provide financial relief for fines incurred previously.

Owner mentioned that he has improved several properties in the community.  President indicated the requests will be taken into consideration by the Board in a closed session.

Q: If have been purchasing properties at auction for 20 years, and did proper research, why did you not know about add’l fees? 

A:  Believed that the HOA could only go back 6 months based on previous HOA involvements on other properties.

President mentioned that the “6 month’s back” is from RCW’s 64.34 which is HOA (Condo) codes.  64.38 has our codes.

Lot 147 – Not present.



Will include comments in committee reports following.

1st Vice President (Water System)

Per Tony Trotter, wells are running fine. Two new pumps are running great.  Able to run well #2 and 4.  Added timer to pump #4 that runs automatically—need to get #4 to run more frequently to ensure it is running right.  After Dave returns next weekend, will start building the new doghouse on #1.  Currently has tin laying over it, so going to rebuild doghouse in pumphouse #1.  Facility report will be done next month (working with Tony Trotter.)  Need to inventory how many hookups we have due to many new houses in community.  Usage report is in-work but not due until the end of the year.  Everyone is happy with the water pressure staying even. 

Treasurer pointed out – Pumphouse 1:  A tick in Pumphouse #1 from Electricity usage.  Comparing 6/13/18 and 6/15/19.  Increased in 2019.  This should be looked at.

Rick Jones is scheduling the valves install and should be done in about 2 weeks.  All parts are here and awaiting schedule availability.  If we can dig up the valves on 134th, to reduce costs, may get them to set the valve since no asphalt needs to be cut.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance)

Blueberries are buried.  Aerators are in.  Need to find out where to find original parts.  Four veins and 2 small filters have risen in price from $180 to $250.  Dave is trying to find out the source of the parts as re-seller keeps increasing the price.  All the sawdust is dried, in shed and ready to be used.

County came in and spent the day cutting back bushes and trimming. 

There are two males and a female peacock in the area.  Unsure who they belong to.

Dave worked with community member to fix a couple of water leaks at their property. 

Ed reports the tractor caved in and fell in the ditch.  It was very exciting, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Q:  Are we to act if we see “Tansy Ragwort” on a LOWCC member’s lot?  ANS:  Home owner will get a letter from the county.  Lot 84 has this noxious weed—it is invasive and should be removed.


Nothing to report.


Will present 2020 budget at the September Board Meeting.  We have been presented a letter by HOACS with a request to increase their rates.  We are currently in negotiations to incorporate reporting and Strongroom costs.  Mary Day feels the cost increases are warranted given the type of accounting they are required to do.  She will circulate information from HOACS in case there are any questions from the Board. 

Our 2018 taxes are done and the information is going to the auditor, Ron Moore, tomorrow (8/13/19).  Requesting if someone can deliver disk with information to Mr. Moore.   (Dave Tyler will deliver the disk.)

Request from the Board – previously approved to move the US Bank CD to another bank.  We have now secured on-line viewing of the account, but we cannot get reporting.  Home Street Bank is likely the best solution to move the CD.  The Board has already approved this move so we could have money more available if needed, but HOACS suggested keeping the money in a CD.  We have other CD’s at Alliance Bank.  In order to have separation need to have CD’s in other locations.  Home Street has offices in Gig Harbor, Seattle, Kent, etc.  We have 0.06% at US Bank, and 2.423% is offered at Home Street.  US Bank is difficult to deal with.  Recommendation is to move the CD to Home Street Bank. 

Q:  What is the amount of the US Bank CD?  ANS: Believe it’s ~$78,000.

Motion: Move CD from US Bank to Home Street Bank.  MMSP

Committee Reports:

ComplianceCommittee:  Meeting on August 6, 2019.  Committee reviewed 10 notices – four cases were closed and three cases were given extensions.  Committee is re-evaluating 11 notices previously sent.  Three notices sent with no response, Lot 120 (5 vehicle violations), Lot 128 (1 vehicle violation) and Lot 204 (2 vehicle violations).

Motion:  Fine Lot 120-5 violations, Lot 128- 1 violation and Lot 204-2 violations for non-compliance fees.    MMSP

Budget Committee:  Budget Committee has completed the draft of the 2020 budget and will present it at the September Board meeting.  Their recommendation is to approve the budget.  The plan is to send the budget to the directors two weeks prior to the Sept. meeting.    Thank you to the Sign Committee for coming in with estimates.  Much appreciation to Dawn Richey for all the work she has done.  We want to make sure that the budget is understood by all Board members.  Dawn recommends the Board members write down questions and ask them at the September Board meeting, so everyone hears the same explanations.  We would like the 2020 budget to be the only topic in the September 9th Board Meeting.  Mary Day requested advanced notice for printing needs to make sure reports are prepared in time to submit for printing.

Bylaws Committee:  Worked on Bylaws for a year, some time ago.  Spent a lot of time and dialog looking at many variables and tried to get language updated as applicable for “today”.  The draft was taken to an attorney for input.  Received input back, but unable to start right away after attorney comments, but wanted to be sure that Bylaws are updated this year.  The committee also looked at other HOA’s Bylaws and the RCW’s.  The Committee meet recently and have what they believe is almost the last draft.  Expect one more review, and then will present to the Board at a second meeting in September for review and approval.  Committee believes the Bylaws are in compliance with WA State RCW’s, changed a few things that were previously problematic (budget process, etc.), incorporated addendum items into the main text, added new items as appropriate (ex: ban on fireworks).   Special Board meeting to review Bylaws is set Tuesday, Sept. 24, 7:00 p.m.  Location is TBD.

Q:  Are changes noted in the Bylaws?  ANS:  Yes, in bold, so easy to see.

Sign Committee: No report

Special Events:  No report

Old Business:

2020 Budget and Bylaws Committee – See above under the Committee Reports.

New Business:

Board Membership for 2020: We need more Board members.  Tanya Michaels will and Susan Thompson will not be running for next year.

Doyle Pond Trees/Bushes: Trees and Bushes that need to be cut down that are on Lake of the Woods property.  Dave Tyler suggested that can be done by the Pea Patch tractor.  Comment from community members that better to remove now while the water level is low.

Motion: Remove two bushes in Doyle Pond one next to the boat launch and one 200’ out.  MMSP

General Meeting Adjourned: 8:15 p.m. by Tanya Michaels – Into Closed Session

Re-Opened General Meeting:  8:46 p.m. by Tanya Michaels

Motion:  Fine Lot 99 $500 for tampering with the water box/water system.  MMSP

Motion:  Waive water reconnection fees of $100 for good cause shown on Lot 18, Lot 100 and Lot 264.   MMSP

Motion:  Waive compliance fees of $1,400 and late fees of $165 on Lot 272.  One nay vote.  MMSP. 

General Meeting adjourned 8:53 p.m. by Tanya Michaels

Submitted by:

Susan Thompson, Secretary


Board of Directors’ Meeting

August 12, 2019

–Closed Session–

Meeting called to order 8:20 p.m. by President, Tanya Michaels

Present:  Tanya Michaels, Karen Gore, Ed Nielsen, Greg Anderson, Garrett Lebby, Susan Thompson, Mary Day, Dave Tyler               

Absences- Tinker Jolliff


Water Shut-off Notices:  Prepared 25 notices.  If not paid by a certain time, additional fees are due.

Lot 99: Ed put on colored zip ties and set branches so can tell if box had been tampered with.  Tanya gave lot numbers to HOACS.  Water shut off notices state that payment must be paid by 4pm of a given day or a reconnection fee will be charged.  Community member came in two days later to pay, and claimed the water had never been shut off, therefore he did not need to pay the reconnection fee.  Ed verified that the water had been turned back on.  When Tanya was told of the owner’s claim that the water had never been turned off and therefore, he did not owe the reconnection fee, she affirmed that the water had indeed been turned off.  We have pictures.  In addition to the $100 reconnection fee, there is a $500 fee for tampering with the water system.  Would like the board to approve a $500 tampering fee.

Note: Lot 84 and 99 have old style water meter boxes.  Dave Tyler took note for upgrade on the boxes.

Water Reconnection Fees:  President is asking that three reconnection fees be waived due to extenuating circumstances.  Lot 264 rec’d notice from HOACS that reflected a due date of August 10th (late fees would then be charged).  LOWCC’s delinquency (water shut off) notices listed a specific date and indicated a reconnection fee would be charged.  Owner thought the whole thing needed to be paid by the 10th and did not understand the liability from the reconnection fee.  Genuinely confused.

Lot 100 had paid on line, before the dead line. For some reason, it took several days to process the payment and she did not get credited until after the due date had passed.

Lot 18 had no money and tried to get the delinquency covered.  Has never been late in the past.  The Food Bank said they would cover the cost, but could not afford the $100 reconnection fee.  Ed called for a welfare check from the police due to concerns of the home owner as we have never had an issue with payment before.

Request for Waive of Fees:

Lot 272:  Mr. Minder.  Abatement Lien was > $10,000 that new owners had to pay to clear the property.  $1,400 was against former owner for compliance issues.  Late fees of $165 were incurred against the former owner.  There is approximately $4,470.00 in water assessments, meter boxes, etc. that is from previous owner.  It was suggested to waive the compliance fees and late charges, but not the water assessment amounts.  Note:  Board has previously waived compliance fees assessed against prior owners for lots 87 and 152.

Second Dwelling IssueLot 8:  Owner is requesting money via “Go Fund Me” to cover purchase of a travel trailer to house a Father and daughter to live in his yard. 

Suggestions were made to inform the owner that there are resources to assist the individuals/families in need of housing, etc.  Some options are CARE, Children’s Home Center (Vaughn Civic Center), etc.

Need to notify the owner that there is a $500 fine for second dwellings.  Tanya would like permission to send a letter to the property owner of PC&R violation.  Board noted that this is a compliance violation, and special permission is not needed.

Closed meeting adjourned at 8:45p.m.

Submitted by:

Susan Thompson, Secretary