Board Meeting Minutes for June 2022


Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2022

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:04 pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VPX 
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VPX 
Anna Hernandez-French- Treasurer X
Barbara DommertBreckler – SecretaryX 
Tanya Michaels X
Garret LebbyX 
Ashley GoldingX 
Bill SidwellX 
Cate BrownX 

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Alex Latt, Ryan Orseth, Amanda Bash

Additions to agenda:  Guy looking to put in a shed was sent to the architectural committee.

Minutes:  Motion was made by Cate Brown to approve the May 9, 2022.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  All approved.  MMSP

Financials:  Financials were circulated for review.  Once the Board Member reviewed, if they approved, they signed to show their approval.


President:  No Report

1st VP:  We received a check from insurance company for damage to pump house #1, transfer switch to be shipped on June 5th but it has not arrived.  Right now, if we lose power we have to put the back up on manually.  Water system is running at goal.

2nd VP:  Ed redid the horseshoe pit.  Wants to know if the board wants to buy a volleyball net.  DNR park on 138th had all the roots removed from the cottonwood tree to put in the bouncy toy.  Will use gravel saved.  Picked all tansy wagwort and got rid of it (noxious weed).

Motion was made by Garret Lebby to purchase a volleyball net.  Seconded by Cate Brown.  All approved. MMSP

Secretary:  None

Treasurer:  No report

Compliance Committee:  Tanya would like the board to vote on fining lot 204 for derelict vehicles and other junk.

Motion was made by Ed Nielsen to fine lot 204 $300/month for non-compliance.  Seconded by Cate Brown.  All approved.  MMSP 

Architectural Committee:  No report.

Event Committee:    Nothing to report.

Old Business: 

Karen, Ed and Dave to review insurance policies that are set to renew in September.  List of property (buildings, wells, etc.) to be covered with measurements and pictures to be given to the insurance company.

Community phone line was disconnected with a savings of $42 a month.

Small community signs to be redone without phone number and a bit larger by Karen.

Thirty-eight owners have paid no HOA dues this year.  Letters went to those that have not paid.  List of those receiving letters will be requested to be sent to Dave. 

Motion was made by Dave Tyler to shut off the water for any owners that have not responded to the overdue letters in 30 days.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  All approved. MMSP

Possible property that is being rented as a duplex was discussed again.  We need confirmation that it is a duplex.  Board discussed looking at web rental sites and sending two certified letters.

Motion was made by Dave Tyler to send two registered letters to lot 60 with the addresses including “A” and “B”.  Seconded by Ed Nielsen.  All approved.  MMSP

New Business: 

Selection of budget committee.  Scheduled for 2-3 meetings per month starting in July for new budget to by finalized in September.  Current members are Teresa Adams, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen.  One spot open for a board member.

Two Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling credit cards.  Sent out for review.  The first credit card is for water system.  The second is a community operating credit card.

Water and Maintenance SOP- see handout edits- receipts must be kept for 1 year.  Dave will read and discuss for next meeting.

Community operating card SOP- What if a receipt is lost?  Dawn asks for the SOP to be updated to account for that issue and to include repercussions.  To be voted on next meeting.

Karen says additional code to be used for financials (503210) for website fee, dropbox.

Water quality report to be mailed out by 6.30.22.  Report reviewed already.  Karen asked Anna to get a check for the next mailing and get a current list of property owners for mailing labels.

Meeting Adjourned 6:56 pm

Minutes recorded by LOTW Secretary Barbara Dommert-Breckler and Ashley Golding.