February 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:07 pm

Karen Gore – PresidentAnna Hernandez- French – TreasurerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice President 
Tanya MichaelsAshley GoldingGarrett Lebby  
Barbara Dommert Breckler- SecretaryBill SidwellJaimie Ehrler  
Board Members Attendance

Community Members Attended: Dawn Richey, Cate Brown, Mark Wright

Review of prior meeting minutes:  January 10, 2022

It was moved by DT and seconded by EN to approve the January 10, 2022 meeting minutes.  Approved by all present.  MMSP

Checks/AP register:

AG question: Why an $800 monthly bill from Pen alongside electric bill? EN answers that this is for streetlights. EN – in the process of getting lights changed to LED when they need replacing.

AG question: Phone bill? Answer – HOA phone number.

January checks approved and signed by Board. MMSP

DT – expense report should come to every board meeting to be signed off and attached to mins

New Board Member

AH moves to add Cate Brown to Board of Directors. EN seconds. Approved by all present. MMSP


President: No report

1st VP:  Power surge – three transformers had to be replaced. Don’t make model anymore so waiting on parts. If power goes off, call DT asap.

2nd VP:  Replaced condensers in reactor. Put new fins in, started, snapped fins, stopped working, hence needing to be replaced.

Pete Rix – new swings ready to hang.

Secretary:  Absent, no report. AH taking minutes. 

Treasurer:  Keeping with accrual method via HOACS, as no point changing mid-year. Dawn met w/ HOACS and has a workaround. Dawn and AH to brief board at March meeting.

Compliance Committee:  Tanya informs HOACS by 10th or 13th of each month who is being billed for compliance. Current list of residents and addresses by Lot # needed for letters, as some have been incorrect. AH to get monthly lists for Tanya.

TM – confirmed we do have an attorney, John Burley, who looked over bylaws at some point, but not sure about contract. KG to send AG a copy of HOACS contract.

GL – why staying with HOACS after so many issues? Could we do it?

TM – no, too much liability. Same with having a community member be attorney of record.

TM – some community members saying we can’t collect fees because we haven’t in the past, but this is untrue.

TM – wants to confirm compliance will run as usual. KG confirms.

Question from community member Mark Wright – how can LOTW bill him for compliance on his board when the floating dock in the late that was an original draw to live her has been taken away? Board – that was a liability issue, and had to go because of insurance.

Special Events:  Easter Egg Hunt – April 16th. Fishing Derby – May 14th (order fish now).

Potential new event, Earth Day community trash pickup, April 23rd-24th.

Other new event ideas to be put forward at future meetings.

Old Business: 

Refund fees – AG wants the Board to have a standard operating procedure. KG – Board will keep voting on each issues as it comes up.

Board approved waiver of late fee for case brought to vote. HOACS to pay, and if they will not, Board to waive. Approved by all present. MMSP

Letter to engage auditor – AH moves to engage, EN seconds. Approved by all present. MMSP

AH moves to withdraw earlier decision to move from accrual to cash accounting in 2022. Approved by all present. MMSP

New Business: 

Shredding – KG has 15 tubs in need of shredding. DT moves to have money taken out of community operating for shredding. AH seconds. Approved by all present. MMSP

Architectural Committee – KG to send info to EN

Insurance – Kaboda, flatbed, buildings not covered under current policy. Policy is a mess. Being reviewed, but needs an on-site inspection.

Pickleball sign – AG wanted to know if the sign will go up. It will.

Meeting Adjourned by Karen Gore at 7:32pm

Submitted by Secretary Pro Tem

Anna Hernandez-French