11-9-20 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

November 09, 2020

Call to Order: by Tanya Michaels at 6:07 pm

Tanya Michaels- PresidentKaren Gore- Treasurer   
Barbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryGreg AndersonTinker JolliffChristine Anderson 
Steve ShobeRegina BraleyAnna Hernandez- French  
Jaimie EhrlerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentGarrett Lebby 

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Rich Day, Jared Christensen

Review of prior meeting minutes:  Meeting minutes from October 12, 2020.

It was moved by KG and seconded by CA to approve the October 12, 2020 meeting minutes as written.  Approved by all present.  MMSP


President: Thank you to Karen and Barbara for setting up the ZOOM. 

1st VP:  No report

2nd VP:  No report

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer:  No report

Compliance Committee:  Met again about a week ago.  Greg and Rich went around division lot and 2.  Found one person living in lot 32.   Found several lots with vehicle issues.  30-day issued to several lots:  248, 347, 279 3 vehicles, 136, 63, and 61 3 vehicles, 136 and 59.  Lot 26 has one with a tarp and additional vehicle without tags.  (Rich to send report to me).

Motion made by BB and seconded by GA that start the fining process with lots 248, 347, 279, 136, 63, 61, 136 and 59 for non-compliant vehicles. Approved by all present.  MMSP

Sign Committee:  Check was given to Jessica for signs by the end of next week of week of the 23rd we should have our new signs.  Christine can pick up the check from HOA.  Ed and Tanya will need to sign the check.  Christine will take the check tomorrow to Tanya. 

Old Business:

Web Page/Newsletter:  We are in the process of trying to pull over the URL from Wex/Zipcon.  Good Daddy does not understand why the URL will not come over.  Zipcon had unlocked the URL.  Wex needs to unlock it.  Tanya spoke to Mary Day and Mary would need to sign to move the URL, but Karen says that it does not need to be released.   Mary Day says that we (LOTW) retains control of the URL. 

Time/Place for monthly meetings:  We need to decide the time and place of our monthly meetings.  It is dark too early and freezing cold.  Tanya does any object to keeping the meeting via ZOOM.  Our bylaws allow for alternative voting due to emergencies.  We can vote and give our names that will be documented in the minutes.  We will look in the bylaws and cover this and November 19, 2020.  We will meet November 19, 2020 6pm by ZOOM set up by Barbara. 

Project Completion by mid-December:  Dave has a water leak to fix when he gets back and he needs to add one piece of plywood which should be done by mid-December.   Playground equipment will not be able to be completed due to COVID-19 and the Governor’s stay at home proclamation, we will not be able to get this project completed.  We need to rescind the project for 2020 and cannot move it to 2021 due to the 2021 budget being completed and approved.  We will need to vote on that we will have 2021 ad hoc committee called the “Parks Committee” 2 to 5 members (including the NDR park on 138th) to come up with plans for 2022 to be included in the that years budget.  We would like Board and Community members on the committee. 

New Business:

PO Box/Collection of Mail:  Tanya received an email from Karen about the community PO Box in Wauna.  Karen is looking at ways to save money. Karen recommended having the mailbox installed at the pea patch.   Tanya would like people to think about pros and cons to discuss at the December 14, 2020 meeting.  By moving the mailbox to the pea patch we will save over $200 a year and the person picking up the mail would be more convenient.  We could always move to a smaller PO Box to save money.  If we go to the pea patch, the mail could be open or it could go inside the gate, but then the postmaster would need the code. 

Parks Committee- ad hoc committee- under project completion

Officers/Director Duties- On November 19 we need to elect officers from our group of directors.  The duties of each officer is in the bylaws and the qualifications of the officers are in the bylaws.  You must be a resident and current with your assessment and fees to be a director.  There must be one board meeting each month, membership only has one meeting a year.  Under article 4 gives the duties of the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary position.   While it has several specific duties, it does not include every responsibility like phone messages and the mail.  Maybe responsibilities can be moved to other positions.  Everyone should read the bylaws, article 4 pages 8-10 to review duties of officers.  The Secretary is to the agenda and meeting minutes to the directors five days before meetings.  The annual report is completed by HOA.  Tanya has been completing the agenda.  If you are going to run for an officer position, make sure that you are ready and able to complete the duties listed of the position.  If you are going to nominate someone for a position of an officer, make sure that the person is qualified to be an officer (consider time, travel, equipment).  Every single director needs to serve on a committee.  The first meeting in January we have had director choose the committee(s) that they want to serve on.  We have not had a nomination committee since we are running at full capacity as a board.  We have room for one more director.  Thanks to those that are new for stepping up and those that have served for guiding the new members.  If anyone has questions Tanya will be happy to answer them.   Officer will be elected at the November 19, 2020. 

Special Events- we should think about having the Holiday Lights contest date by the November 19, 2020 meeting.  A couple of people will drive around the neighborhood and pick 1st– 3rd place gift cards.  Gifts cards are awarded the same night.  We all need to have some fun.  Anna would like to be on the judging. 

Greg would like to thank Tanya for her years of services as she gets ready to retire.  She will stay on as a director. 

Motion to adjourn at GA and TJ.  All approved. 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:10 pm