3-11-19 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2019

Call to order: 7:03pm by President Tanya Michaels

Board Members present: Greg Anderson, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Tinker Jolliff, Mary Day, Garrett Lebby, and Karen Gore

Absences: Susan Thompson

Karen Gore was appointed Secretary Pro Tem

Community: Dawn Richey, Joyce Schilt

Community Comments: None


President: Minutes tabled until April meeting.

Fishing Derby – May 19th starting at Noon. Fish have been ordered: 900 for first delivery on May 8.  Lake might not be able to handle more fish on the second drop set for 6/25 due to low water level.  Motion: it was moved to pay the fish stocking permit fees of $94.00.  MMSP

Easter Egg Hunt – April 20th at Noon – money has been advanced to cover eggs, prizes, and candy and other items.

Community Spring Cleanup – April 27th and 28th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or until all containers are filled (one 30 yard and one 50 yard).  

1st Vice President (Water system)

Thanks to Ed Nielsen for checking on the system.  Have started on pump installation and &VFE in Pump house 1.  Ordering pump now for well 1 and will install when it comes in.  Nicholson Drilling will install 2 – 5 hp pumps as booster pumps.  Going in next week.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance) 

Helped Dave to hook up water line.  New hook welded to Kubota tractor.

Secretary – None


Columbia Bank is changing their electronic processor.  We will be working on closing out 2018 invoices and reports due to the carry over.  We have revised the budget, in the process discovered an area in the red due to the original estimated budget for Water Operations.  We have money to cover this, just a matter of moving money in the budget now or wait until Q3 and see if there are savings found.  Motion to approve revised 2019 budget and wait until Q3 before moving money. MMSP

It was moved to approve and pay reoccurring bills to ensure they are paid on time and save late fees. { Mary has more details to add into this part of the minutes} MMSP

Motion was made to pay vendors on first of the month, including maintenance contractor, and Pierce County officers.  MMSP

It was moved to purchase a standalone HP laser printer to handle printing for LOW’s work.  The printer will only print in black and white.  Cost estimated at $345.89, plus cost of toner cartridges.  Cost not to exceed $450.  MMSP

Old Business:

A meeting is set for April 10th at 6 p.m. at President’s house to continue working on Bylaws and Standards.

Reserve Study – a letter regarding this will go out with the Newsletter

Contracts – drafts have been given to VPs to review on backflow testing, grounds maintenance and water management.  Contracts will be voted on at the April Board meeting.  Blue Line Security contract needs to be redone.  They are willing to continue with security if mutually agreed to by both parties.

New Business:

Lot 171 – paid up on time.  Has requested that the vehicle non-compliance fees be waived for 2/12 & 3/1 to the amount of $200. Motion was made to allow Lot 171 until 3/31 to move vehicle but not waive the 2/1 & 3/1 fees.  MMSP

Lot 87 – JP Morgan/Chase does not want to pay the assessment fees on the foreclosed property in the amount of $840, plus late fees and compliance fees of $400.  It was moved to forgive the late fees and compliance fees and request that JP Morgan/Chase pay the assessment fees on lot 87 in full.  MMSP

Motion was made to waive the February 2019 HOA late fees for homeowners who could not make their monthly payments due to the weather conditions. MMSP

Meeting Adjourned

Submitted by Secretary Pro Tem

Karen Gore