11-11-19 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President, Tanya Michaels at 7:04pm

Present: Tanya Michaels, Ed Nielsen, Greg Anderson, Dave Tyler, Tinker Jolliff, Karen Gore, Garrett Lebby

Absences:  Mary Day

New Directors voted in at the annual meeting where in attendance.  A motion was made to bring the three new Board directors in attendance onto the Board prior to January 2020 when they would historically start their term.  The three new directors are Steve Shobe, Regina Bradley, and Barbara Dommert-Breckler.  MMSP

Additions to Agenda: None

Review of Board Minutes (October 14, 2019):  It was moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  MMSP


President  – letter from Sell Me Dirt advised us they would like to purchase a property on 139th, but no address was provided to identify the property.  We will not be following up.

1st Vice President (Water System):  Dave Tyler advised that they had installed two new 2” values on 135th St. Ct. and 136th St. Ct.  We also installed one 6” valve on 134th, near 14208 with the help of Rick Jones, Ed Nielsen and Lanny James.  The wells are working well, ran pump house 4.  The blow off broke off, so this needs to be dug up and a new one installed.  They worked 12 to 14 hours for 4 days to get this done.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance): Ed Nielsen reported that the pea patch had been cleaned up and rototilled.  They had taken out all of the blackberry bushesStill need toclean out the tractor shed, which holds many different items that have been donated and boxes from past years of HOA dealings.  Tanya and Ed will work together to start going through all the legal paperwork.  Several other board members have volunteered to assist in going through this paperwork.

Secretary:       Appointed Secretary Pro Tem – no report.

Treasurer:      As Mary Day was absent we will address the proposed closing of Columbia Bank checking account and the status of U.S. Bank Certificate of Deposit at the December meeting.

Committee Reports:

Special Events – Christmas Lights competition will be December 14th.  Volunteers will meet at Pete Rix Park at 5pm so they can go together for judging the lights.  Gift certificates will be awarded for the first, second, and third place winters ($25, $20, and $15.)

Review and Approval of Checks Issued (AP Expense Register emailed from HOACS):

Board has reviewed and approved checks and report via signature.

Old Business:

Attorney review of proposed Bylaws – Tanya spoke with attorney John Burleigh regarding how the new RCWs for Community Interest Associations affect our Bylaws and the current amendments to those Bylaws.  We are not, however, opting in to this new Community Associations, but there are some items in the new RCW that we need to add into our Bylaws.  The attorney will review and make suggested changes that may be needed so that we are legal and covered.  To handle this and give us advice, Mr. Burleigh thinks it should not cost more than $1,000.

It was moved that we sign the contract retaining Mr. Burleigh to review our proposed Bylaws and advise us accordingly for a cost not to exceed $1,000. MMSP

Status of Security services – not able to address due to ongoing contract negotiations with the Sherriff’s department and union. 

New Business:

New Directors for 2020 Board –  Amanda Bash and Sam Shapiro can join us at the December meeting or as of January 1, 2020

2019 Auditor Approval – We received a letter from Ron Moore our auditor, stating that he was retiring from his audit practice.  Our bookkeeping service, HOA Community Solutions, recommended Joseph H. Vandal as our new auditor.  Mr. Vandal said he could do the audit it for $2,025.00.  It was moved that we sign the contract to hire Mr. Vandal to do our audit for 2019 at a cost of no more than $2,025. MMSP

Web Page Update:  Give Garrett Lebby a call or email him regarding items to put on the website.  Having critical issues or events happening in LOW was discussed, as well as having these items posted to the unofficial FB page.

Annual Meeting feedback:  It was suggested that on next year’s ballots we have a place for email address.  It might be a good idea to have a sound system for next year’s meeting for those who cannot hear well.  It was also suggested that we have name cards in front of each Board member so community members know who we are over just having the verbal introductions.  Name tags for community members at the meeting were also suggested.


The new assessments add up as follows:

$352.72           Annual assessment

$  50.00           Security (Basic)

$  30.00           Backflow testing

$  63.00           Maintain current level of security – estimated increase due to contact negations     ongoing

            $495.72          totalannual and special HOA assessments for 2020 or $41.31 per month per lot.

$  40.00           Reserve Fund contribution.  It was recommended by HOA Community Solutions that this amount be received by January 31, 2020.  This needs to be received from members in one payment, separate from the regular HOA fees, which can be paid monthly. A motion has been made that the Reserve Fund be paid by May 31, 2020. MMSP with one Nay.

It was moved to rescind the above motion.  MMSP

It was moved that our payment coupon books reflect $41.31 for the assessments and an additional $10 for Reserve Fund (total $51.31) for the first four months of 2020, and then the next eight months – May through December 2020 – we will just pay $41.31 for assessments. MMSP

Election of 2020 Officers:

President -Tanya Michaels

1st Vice President –  Dave Tyler

2nd Vice President – Ed Nielsen  

Treasurer – Mary Day

Secretary – Karen Gore

The above slate of officers was approved.  MMSP

Meeting Adjourned by President Tanya Michaels at 8:39 pm.

Submitted by:

Karen Gore