1-13-20 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by President, Tanya Michaels

Directors Present: Tanya Michales, Tinker Joliff, Ed Nielsen, Mary Day, Garrett Lebby, Greg Anderson, Steve Shobe, Barbara Domment-Breckler, Regina Braley, and Karen Gore

Directors Absent:  Dave Tyler, Garrett Lebby, Amanda Bash, Sam Shapiro

Community Guests present: Bert Braley. Theresa Adams, Lanny James

The Board reviewed the minutes for the December 9, 2019 meeting.  It was moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  MMSP

Additions to Agenda: there are no additions to the agenda.


President:   no report

1st Vice President (Water System) Pump is running great. We dug up lot 121 and fixed the leak in the water box.  Now need to put insulation (bag of sawdust)  into it.  We build boxes (dog houses) for pump #1 because they have fallen apart.  Dave purchased some hinges; Steve and Ed are putting in insulation.  We are doing a lot of backflows checks.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance) Took all the branches out the lot, we need to get the green house out of the culvert at the pea patch.  Need a COI (copy of insurance) from backhoe company. 

Secretary: There is no report.

Treasurer: Financials are not complete yet because we are waiting for  information from US Bank.  After we have them complete will review and close the book.  No more 2019 invoices to be processed moving forward.  Edits to HOACS contract is still in the works.  A change signature on bank accounts requires two officers to close and at HomeStreet will need five of the executive board to open an account.   Need to update signatures in February for the Columbia and Alliance Banks. This needs to reflect the new elected executive board. Need to put on the February agenda if we have the right to recover our older accounts that are a large amount.  Looking into the cost of an attorney that specializes in collections and foreclosures.

Committee Reports:

Compliance:  Update on Lot 84 – this property has been completed cleaned up and all cars have been removed.

Budget – no report yet.  Date in first or second week of May will be set.

Special Events: 

Easter Egg Hunt – Will be on Saturday, April 11th.

Spring Clean-up – Dumpers will be ordered – 25th and 26th

Fishing Derby – Sunday, May 17th

Community Garage Sale – Mid-June – will reach out to Tia Smith.

Review and Approval of Checks Issued (AP Expense Register emailed from HOACS) will have checks in February.

Old Business:

Web Page/Unofficial Facebook Entries/ LOWCC Facebook- tabled until February.

Security services – we have been advised that there will be no change in the sheriff hourly cost.  We need an insurance document from Blue Line Security.

Update on Signage – we will have a meeting in February and bring a proposal to the Board next meeting.

Playground equipment will be on the Official Facebook site.  Will send out request for volunteers to remove pea gravel from playground area.    

New Business:

Board Members’ Choice of Committees – The list is in the By Laws.

Specific Bills that go Directly to HOACS – items that come to our PO Box is legal, insurance, and correspondence.  All others items should be going to the HOACS.

New Water Shut-off Procedures – still working out the details of this process.  Some people have not read the letter for 2020 regarding the increase the first four months on the dues. There are 2 pages of addresses impacted by the change.   Lot 101 has the water box locked.

Secondary Liaison for Security Contracts – Karen will be the secondary person and backup.  Ed will send her the access to the portal.  Ed will forward the sheriff’s reports to Karen also.

Removing messages from LOWCC phone – Secretary takes these off the phone.  Karen will take these off.   Key for the mailbox and needs to pick up mail once a week.

Community comments:  Is it wise to have the board member addresses on the website.   Perhaps it is best to just have phone numbers for safety reasons.

Official Facebook page – we will have a round table conversation to discuss how this will work.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:28pm