March 13 2023 Board Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes March 13, 2023

Meeting called to Order by President Karen Gore at 6:05 p.m.

Board Members Attended: Karen Gore, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Tanya Michaels, Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Garrett Lebby, and Cynthia McClurg.

Community Members Attended: Osama Emara and Mandine Emara. Additions to Agenda: None

The February 13, 2023, Board minutes were reviewed. It was moved to approve them as presented. MMSP.

The AP Expense Register emailed from HOA Community Solutions was reviewed. Dave Tyler moved to approve the checks. The motion was seconded by Ed Nielsen. MMSP


President: No report

1st Vice President: Dave Tyler reported that the wells/water system were running well.

2nd Vice President: Ed Nielsen reported that maintenance was good. He also reported that Mike Youngchild began his 2023 duties on March 1*t.

Secretary: Tanya Michaels reported she received corrected information and was authorized to correct the October 11, 2022 minutes as follows: “Lake of the Woods closed out the Columbia Bank CD for the amount of $18,583.40 on September 30, 2022 and opened a 27 month CD at Kitsap Credit Union in the amount of $18,583.40 on October 3, 2022. There was a few days delay in opening the CD at Kitsap Credit Union to take advantage of an increase in the CD rate.”

Treasurer: Barbara Dommert-Breckler’s new email is “LOTWTreasurer1@gmaiI”.

Committee Reports:

Compliance Committee: No report. See Section under “Lot 60.”

Special Events: Chairman Garrett Lebby reports that the Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, April 8th. The Budget will be $300 to cover cost of eggs, candy, Golden Eggs, and prizes. The Spring (Community) Clean-up will be April 22nd and 23’d. The Annual Kids’ Fishing

Derby will be Saturday, April 20th. The fish drop will be on Tuesday, May 9th . Lake will be closed to all fishing between May 9th and the fishing derby on May 2Oth, and signs will be posted. See web page for more information. The budget for the fish is $2,500.00. Ed Nielsen moved to have LOTW pay the fish permit fees of $94.00. Garrett Lebby seconded the motion. MMSP.

New Business:

The 2021 Final Audit, Balance sheet, and Income statement information was incomplete.

The 2022 Audit was discussed. Dave Tyler moved to engage Jeff Vandal to do the Audit for year 2022 and have the engagement letter signed. It was seconded by Tanya Michaels. MMSP.

Water shut-offs were discussed. Following the discussion, it was moved to have a lien filed for any property that had $1,000.00 or more owing for assessments, late charges, compliance fees, or other charges/fees. HOA Community Solutions will automatically file notice of intent to lien and the liens themselves and charge the property owners.

Old Business:

The Owners of Lot 60 attended the meeting to discuss getting their compliance fees addressed. A discussion followed and they were advised that since our Board only meets once a month the matter was taking longer than expected, and a letter would be forth coming. The owners inquired as to how we could charge when they currently had no renters. They were advised that part of settling the matter involved back and ongoing compliance fees.

There was a discussion on hiring a replacement for Tony Trotter, who is our current Water Manager. Tony is retiring in approximately 3 months. We are required to have a Water Manager. As they are licensed by the State of Washington, Water Managers have to be qualified and it appears that the pool of experienced Water Managers is currently quite low.

We also have to hire someone to take over the Backflow testing contract for 2023 and thereafter, but we do have a person lined up.

The regular meeting was adjourned to a Closed Meeting at 7:07 p.m.

The Closed meeting was adjourned back to the regular meeting at 7:35 p.m.

After discussion it was moved to send a Notice of Intent to Lien to all property owners who were $120 in arrears for assessments, late charges, compliance fees, interest or other charges. The notice will be sent by HOA Community Solutions and charged to the property owners. The following lots will receive Notices immediately: Lots 204, 162, 124, and 263. We are currently in negotiations with Lot 60 and they will not receive a Notice of Intent to Lien.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by LOTW Secretary Tanya Michaels.