Yard & Home Halloween Decoration Contest – Saturday, October 29th – Pet Rix Park

It’s all in the spirit of good clean competition

Prizes for the best yard and/or Home will be:
1st prize is $100 gift certificate,
2nd prize is $75 gift certificate
3rd prize is $25 gift certificate.

Please Note: There will be a muggle (you know what a muggle is?) quidditch game with spooky trophies to be held at 1pm at Pet Rix Park)

Saving the best for last, a sweet candy hunt will be held Saturday, Oct 29th in the haunted and very spooky woods of Pete Rix park for children under 12 years old.

Here are the results of the Halloween Decorations Contest

3rd prize was awarded to The STEINBRECHER FAMILY! Way to go!

2nd Prize was awarded to the SCOTT FAMILY. Congrats!

1st prize is awarded to the HEALD Family!!! Congratulations.

Thank you one and all for your time and talents. Gift Cards have been sent. It was a very Happy Halloween!

Fred Meyer Gift cards awarded as prizes
Scary scene

Karen Gore


Lake of the Woods Community Club