December 11, 2023 Board Meeting


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2023

Key Peninsula Civic Center Whitmore Room

Meeting was called to order at 6:12pm

Board Members present –Katelynn Graham, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Anna Hernandez-French, and Karen Gore

Frank Benson to join the Board – AH moves, DT seconds – MMSP

Board Members absent – Dana Burnett, Garret Lebby, Barbara Dommert-Breckler

Community Members – Theresa Adams, Frank Benson

Meeting Minutes from November 13th were approved by the Board

November AP reports were approved by the Board


1st Vice President (Water System)

  • Transfer switch wirer out till 12/16 – once he’s back DT will do some purchasing
  • Money from the 2023 Budget for Water Reserve will need to be transferred to the 2024 Budget in the amount designated for purchases that will not be completed by 12/31/2023.


2nd Vice President (Maintenance – given by 1st VP)

  • Checks to approve – coded, scanned, sent to HOACS
  • Last set of playground equipment same in – one piece takes a 22’x22’ footprint, the other has a 22’x14’ footprint
  • Lumber to be purchased now
  • Purchase woodchips in 2024 – last time we needed this much it cost approx. $2K


  • None

Community comment: WA has a fund that helps folks get current on their dues if they meet certain criteria


  • Nothing to report

Committee Reports:


  • None


  • Posts on FB, LOTW website, and annual newsletter about Xmas lights contest
  • Proposed dates for 2024 events (to be voted on later):
  • Easter Egg Hunt – 3/30
  • Community Clean Up – 4/20-21
  • Fishing Derby – 5/18

New Business:

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

  • Block short-term rentals but not corporate rentals
  • Change community mailing address to the Tractor Shed
  • Put up secure steel box
  • Save $400/year in PO Box costs plus mail pickup inconvenience
  • Add flexible language to bylaws so that we don’t have to change them every time things like meeting dates/needs change
  • Ensure use of technology such as drones, eavesdropping apps, etc. do not violate individual and property privacy
  • Change the Newsletter Committee to a Communications Committee
  • Get rid of Nominating Committee

Old Business

  • Water shutoffs – DT still handling all those notified except one
  • Foreclosed property now 1/5/24
  • Property ownership unclear
  • Carry over water reserve $ attached to playground equipment installation to 2024 – MMSP

Adjourn meeting at 7:27 pm

Minutes submitted by Secretary Anna Hernandez-French