6-14-21 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2021

Call to Order: by Karen Gore at 6:04 pm

Karen Gore – PresidentSteve ShobeDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentGarrett Lebby
Barbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryChristine AndersonTanya MichaelsChristine AndersonJaimie Ehrler
 Anna Hernandez- French – Treasurer   

Community Members Attended:  Dawn Richey, Amanda Bash, Pam Ragan, Larry Smally

Review of prior meeting minutes:  May 10, 2021

It was moved by BDB and seconded by DT to approve the May 10, 2021 meeting.  Approved by all present.  MMSP

Checks/AP register:

It was moved by DT and seconded by EN to approve the checks and AP register May 2021.  TM abstained.  All others approved.  MMSP


President: No report

1st VP:  Water system running well.  Working on backflow valves.  PCNR WE report from Tony will be in tomorrow to be sent out.  Going to read all water meters in June.

2nd VP:  New lines were put up for the raspberries.  Water is hooked up for the blueberries and trees.  Began ditch clean up.  Could use help to clear the blackberries from the ditch.  Call Dave or Ed.  Someone volunteered to paint.  Ed cleaning out the shed.  Some moisture in the shed so Ed turned on the heat to dry it out.  BDB can donate desiccant socks if it would help with the moisture. 

Secretary:  No report. 

Treasurer:  Karen will cover the need to vote on a credit union later in the meeting.

Compliance Committee:  Letter from Property Futures wanting forgiveness of compliance fines for lot 101.  The letter from Sara Evans stated they want to buy and develop the lot but the amount of fines might make it prohibitive.  The compliance fines total $4800.  Discussion included that only on two occasions were fines forgiven and it is on a case-by-case basis.  Discussion also included that this is a management company, and it is a seller’s market currently.  After discussion motion made.

It was moved by ED and seconded by DT that lot 101’s fines/fees would hold in response to the letter from Sara Evans at Property Future’s.  Approved by all present.  MMSP

Lot 59 was sent a letter that it “appeared” that they had an inoperable/unlicensed vehicle.  The lot owner complained that the compliance committee had to come onto their property to see that vehicle.  Discussion on when compliance letters should be sent, the intent of the bylaws and the appropriateness of the compliance letter occurred.  After much discussion it was determined that the Board would hold a special meeting after reviewing the PCNRs, bylaws and architectural committee rules.

Lot 124- The new owner’s have moved a used manufactured home onto the lot that has not been approved by the architectural committee.  Lanny spoke to the new owners and requested the permits and required paperwork.  Since there is not current approval by the architectural committee, Karen will send a formal work stop letter with Lanny signature after letter review by Tanya and Greg.

Special Events:  Community Clean Up June 26th and 27th starting at 9am.

Playground Committee- Ed, Karen, Linda and Morgan, Dawn and Teal will get together to discuss the equipment to be purchased.

Old Business: 

Drop Box.  Karen purchased our Drop Box and is setting up folder chronologically.  She was thanked for her work on this.

Credit Union discussion.  Anna provided details on three credit unions.  While the credit union in Lakewood WA had the best CD rates, the mileage/tolls/time for the board members would be valued at over $50 (more than the difference in the CD rates).  Discussion included the need to combine the current $27,381.42 cashier’s check and the expiring US Back CD for $73,861.44 from Water Reserve Funds.  Also, we need to move $40,000 from Alliance bank account HOACS General Operating account ending in 3490.  We will take the money and purchase a CD at a Kitsap Credit Union for a Community Reserve Fund.  It was also discussed that we would need two accounts at the new credit union, one for Water Reserves and one for Community Reserves.

It was moved by BDB and seconded by DT that Lake of the Woods Community Club purchase CDs at Kitsap Credit Union; one for Water Reserve and one for Community Reserve.  Executive officers who may be on the account, though all are not required to open or close the account,  are Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Karen Gore, Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Anna Hernandez-French. All present approved.   MMSP

It was moved by DT and seconded by EN that we combine the current cashier’s check for just over $27,381.42 and the maturing US bank CD $73,861.44 into one CD at a bank or credit union to be determined.  All present approved.  MMSP

New Business: 

Regina resigned from the Board.  We thank her for volunteering.

Lot 306 set up their auto pay incorrectly for their fees and wants LOTW to refund the $25 and $10 bank charges.  Since this was user error, we will not refund the fees.

Water report stuffing for mass mailing will be at Tanya’s.  Watch for email about date and time.  Please help if you can.

Port-a-potties have been reported as not clean.  Should we increase the clean from monthly ($65.50) to twice a month ($75.50) or weekly at ($80.50)?  Even the weekly service would be within the community budget amount.  Karen is going to check if we can increase the service for just the 6 heaviest use months then move to monthly for the 6 lighter use months.  Budget committee with look into increasing the number of port-a-potties and their servicing in the next budget. 

Teresa noted that they are removing old shed and will put up a fence.  She will get the needed documents to the architectural committee.

Meeting Adjourned by Karen at 7:28 pm