5-13-19 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting

May 13, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:04 p.m. by President, Tanya Michaels

Present:  Tanya Michaels, Mary Day, Dave Tyler, Karen Gore, Ed Nielsen, Greg Anderson, Garrett Lebby, Susan Thompson               

Absences- Tinker Jolliff

Community Members: Theresa Adams

Additions to Agenda – None

Motion: Accept Board Minutes as corrected for April 8, 201.  MMSP

Motion: Re-elect Susan Thompson to Board of Directors.  MMSP

Motion: Re-elect Susan Thompson as Secretary.  MMSP

Community Comments: – none, other than those mentioned under each topic.



The Budget Committee consists of Dawn Richey, Mary Day, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Tanya Michaels, and Theresa Adams.  Budget Committee Meeting set for June 6, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at Mary Day’s home.

By Laws Committee:  Committee members are Tanya Michaels, Dave Tyler, Ed Nielsen, Mary Nielsen, and Lanny James. (Committee members are to stay the same so as to quickly move forward to completion

Signage Committee:  Greg Anderson, Ed Nielsen, Rich Day, Karen Gore and Garrett Lebby

1st Vice President (Water System)

Pump installed in Well #1, pump, wire, new meter.  VFD’s are working fine.    Right off the gate at McGowan park had 2” pipe sheared.  Dug up and fixed.  No expenses as Dave had all the parts.  We saved a few thousand dollars in expenses due to free labor.  Nicholson Drilling work is completed:  $15,181.08 was total.

Ed had pea gravel, and needs some rock, and will be buried.  Rest of water system is working fine.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance)

Planted three trees at pea patch.  Now have six pear trees and five apple trees.  These were donated by community members Stuart Simpson and Tia and Jon Smith.


Thank you notes need to go to Tia and Stuart for trees donated to the Pea Patch.


HOACS has reports reconciled as of this morning, Mary will look at the reports.  Nicholson Drilling came in on the capital projects. 

Taxes:  Filed an extension while we were adjusting 2018 budget.

Mary will work with CPA Ronald Moore for the 2018 Audit.  Audit is usually done in June timeframe.

Project of moving CD out of US Bank ($25K).  Alliance Bank (2.3%) and Home Street Bank (2.521% and local, out of Tacoma) have good pricing for a 13 month CD.

Motion: Give Mary Day authority to determine where to move the $25,000 US Bank CD.   MMSP

Committee Reports:

  • Special Events

Karen Gore is going to oversee the Fishing Derby event.  Mary Day will help check in and supply some coffee and goodies.  Larry Smalley and Rich Day will help BBQ, Greg and Shawna Anderson will also be able to help.  Need to look over the fishing rules. Will not be able to launch boats – will need to carry them down due to low water levels.

Discussion on the low lake level.  We only get spill over from Stansbery Lake.  Prior years there was a lot of water.  Lack of rain is impacting the lake level.

  • Compliance

Has not met for a while.  Will schedule a meeting for next week.  Rich Day will send out an email.

  • Budget

Meeting June 6th, 6pm at Mary Day’s home.

Old Business:

Bylaws Revisions – In progress.  One page left for Tanya to type up.  Down Richie is out of town and will have a meeting as soon as she is back.  Mary Day has some examples of good Bylaws from another association that she will share with Tanya.

New contracts [Water Manager, Grounds Maintenance and Backflow Testing]

Tanya sent through email the most recent copies of the contracts for signatures.

Backflow Testing Contract:  No changes needed

Grounds Maintenance:  Dates needed to be adjusted.

Blueline Security:  Per Ed, have been doing 4-hour blocks in the middle of the night.  Need them to come during the day, and also make sure they are moving around more and not parking in a single location for long periods.  Suggested we need to remind them that we need daytime security as well, now is a good time with the contract renewal.  Pierce Co. Sherriff is doing a good job.

New Business:


  • Would a Fall Cleanup work out?  (Need to check the budget, there is nothing allocated for this.) 
  • Digital Newsletter?  Karen mentioned that other associations have plexiglass boxes for a few hard-copy Newsletters, and otherwise distribute electronically.  This would save money.

April Spring Cleanup Report:  45 individuals signed in and dumped rubbish. We had to close the clean-up down on Saturday due to full containers.

Second Fish Drop:  Will need to keep in contact with the fish people because if there is not enough water, we should not have the fish delivered.

Sign Committee – Meeting on Wed, 6:00 pm May 22nd at Karen Gore’s home.  

Discussion on Water Reconnection Fees:  Due to the extensive amount of time involved to issue water shut-off notices, we need a plan for water turn off/on fees for individuals that are consistently on the lists.  We don’t send water shut-off notices until $60.00 behind. Last month we had 20, this month we had 8 notices.

Discussion points: 

  • Individuals that are late 3 times per year, require them to pay 3 months ahead.
  • Suggestion that automatic payments be required (not sure if that is OK).  Community members may be able to set up auto-debiting.  This would avoid a hassle in trying to collect the money.
  • Suggestion to speak to Janet Biggs (HOACS) and see how this may be handled at other associations.
  • Mention and strong warning that we are putting Board members at risk if being asked to enter private property to post water notices on people’s doors.  Would prefer to mail notices for board-member safety reasons.
  • Incurring the reconnection fee if delinquent members pay the back-owed money by the next day.  The fee needs to be enforced as it is worded, so if money is paid the next day after the 9:00 a.m. deadline, the $100 reconnection fee goes onto their next month’s bill.

Discussion on Pea Patch Budgeting:  Money needs to be budgeted for the Pea Patch so expenses are not a surprise.  These should predominantly be handled via maintenance budget.

Security Camera in the Park:  Need to pull the wire to complete the installation.  Suggested that maybe we could hire this done.  Dave Tyler has a neighbor that installs cable wiring, he will speak to the neighbor and see what he would charge.  It has not been completed due to lack to time.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:35 p.m. by Tanya Michaels

Submitted by:

Susan Thompson, Secretary