Board Meeting Minutes for August 2022


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2022– 6pm at Pete Rix Park Picnic Shelter

Meeting was called to order by Karen Gore at 6:05pm

Karen Gore- PresidentX 
Dave Tyler- 1st VPX 
Ed Nielsen- 2nd VPX 
Anna Hernandez-French- Treasurer X
Barbara DommertBreckler – Secretary X
Tanya MichaelsX 
Garret Lebby X
Ashley GoldingX 
Bill Sidwell X
Cate Brown X

Community Members Present: Dawn Richey

Board Minutes July 11, 2022 were reviewed.  Motion to approved minutes was made by Ashley Golding and seconded by Dave Tyler. MMSP

AP Expense Register was reviewed and approved by Board.


President   – no report

1st Vice President (Water System) – Dave Tyler

Wells are running fine.   The Transfer switch come in and have a call into ACEO to handle the inspection on the installation. Dave is finding out when ACEO can come on site. We will have to hire an electrician to do the actual installation of the switches. One of the water lines broke on 140th near 137th, these are being repaired. At the Well House, we are digging around it to put in new line.  Will be raising the wall at this Well House due to erosion that is slowly washing the ground under the current wall away. Putting gravel around this area to increase proper drainage. 

We are finishing up Pump House #2.  Wells 1 and 2 have been tested for water contamination and mineral content as part of regular inspection process.  

VFDs are not working the way Dave Tyler wants them to run.  Pump House 4 is running occasionally now due to the dry weather.  Some blow offs need repaired

Tony Trotter will be continuing to handle LOTWs Backflow testing for now. His back is doing better but he is not sure how long he will be able to continue checking backflows.   We need someone to learn about the backflows, take the class and get their licenses soon. The cost to hire an outside company is about $100 per backflow or box.  We are not paying this much to Tony.

2nd Vice President (Maintenance) – Ed Nielsen

We have put up the new signage at McGowan Park and need a hole dug at Pete Rix Park for the second signpost. 

Currently we are cutting down dead trees at Pete Rix Park and need volunteers to help clean up the limbs.

We have 40 Environmental Blocks (Large stackable blocks) being shipped to McGowan Park.  These will be used to stop the bank erosion.

People are asked to please put fish back into the lake if the have eggs.  This increases the population of our fish without the need for extra fish drops. 

A community grill is being put up at Pete Rix with an aluminum trash can for ashes. 

Secretary – no report

Treasurer- no report

Committee Reports:

Compliance – Tanya Michaels

Lots that are being billed fines each month for compliance violations or are no longer being fined.   These are as follows:

Lot 193

Lot 99 for fence

Lot 105 has removed the boat, fine will be stopped

Lot 68 – shed is too close to the fence line

Lot 60 – operating as a duplex in violation of our bylaws

  • Will notify Peirce County and Health Department regarding failed septic system and the request for a new system permit, not a repair permit.

Lot 124 for unfinished house

Lot 133 – empty lot that needs to have plans approved by Architectural Committee prior to any changes to the property.  They put in driveway without approval.

Event Committee – Garret Lebby (absent) – no report

Tanya Michaels volunteered to help with Events.

Board discussed that the prize amount for each prize level (1st, 2nd and 3rd) need to increase in dollar amount.  The budget for this event is $200.

Budget Committee – Dawn Richey

Committee has been meeting and reviewing where the HOA is financial midyear 2022.   This information is begin used to help finalize 2023’s Budget.

Motion was made by Dave Tyler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Tanya Michaels.  MMSP.  Meeting was adjourned by Karen Gore at 7:20pm. 

Minutes submitted by Sectary Pro Tem – Karen Gore