6-8-20 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2020

Call to Order:

Conference call meeting was called to order by President, Tanya Michaels at 7:00 p.m.

Present via conference call as allowed by Gov. Inslee were Tanya Michaels, Dave Tyler, Barbara Dommert-Breckler, Karen Gore, Tinker Jolliff, Amanda Bash, Garrett Lebby, Greg Anderson, Regina Braley, and Christine Anderson.

Absent:  Ed Nielsen, Sam Shapiro, Jaimie Ehrler and Steve Shobe.

Community Members present:  Dawn Richey and Lanny James.

Review of Board Minutes of March 9, 2020 and April 26, 2020.  Dave Tyler moved to accept the minutes as presented.  Tinker Jolliff seconded.  MMSP

In order to timely address the amended Bylaws it was moved to table all Board reports, old business and new business until the Board’s next regular meeting.  MMSP

  1. All in attendance indicated they had reviewed the proposed Bylaws.  It was suggested that the amended date be corrected to June 2020, page numbers be double-checked, voting by proxy not be permitted, and “Board voting may be amended due to governmental Emergency Proclamation or mandates.” be added.
  • It was also suggested that language limiting campers and travel trailers to be on lots for a period of time not to exceed six (6) months be added, which is in keeping with the Protective Covenants and Restrictions.  It is the intent not to have people living in campers, etc. and not to use lots to store recreational vehicles.
  • While operating a business in Lake of the Woods is prohibited, the final determination as to what constitutes a “business” will be made by the Board on a case by case basis.
  • It was determined that fire permits were required for all open, non-recreational fires.  Recreational outdoor fires must comply with county/district fire regulations.

Dave Tyler moved to approve the proposed Bylaws with the changes set forth above.  It was seconded by Greg Anderson. There were no objections.  MMSP

A special Board meeting was set for June 16th to address printing, copying and mailing the Amended Bylaws and ballots together with a copy of the Lake of the Woods Community Club Water Quality Report and Water Use Efficiency Report for the 2019 Calendar year to the Lake of the Woods Community Club membership prior to June 30th.  Printing, collating and folding will be done by Goin’ Postal.  The ratification meeting will be held on July 20th at 5:30 p.m. at Pete Rix Park.  The Board voted to have live meetings in the future and observe social distancing and other mandates from Gov. Inslee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.

Submitted by:

Barbara Dommert-Breckler