10-12-20 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2020

Call to Order: by Tanya Michaels at 5:35 pm

Tanya Michaels- PresidentKaren Gore- TreasurerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentJaimie Ehrler
Barbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryGreg AndersonTinker JolliffChristine AndersonGarrett Lebby
Steve ShobeRegina BraleyAnna Hernandez- French  

Community Members Attended:  Bert Briley, Anatalie Johnson, Danielle & Steve McElroy, Sanna Olsen, Dawn Richey, Jared Christensen      

Review of prior meeting minutes:  Meeting minutes from September, 2020.

Need to correct budget amounts to $402.72 regular, $40 reserve special assessment and $63 security assessment per lot. 

With the above changes it was moved by DT and seconded by GA to approve the September, 2020 meeting minutes.  Approved by all present.  MMSP


President: No report

1st VP:  Water system running well.  Shed around pump 2 is about 98% complete.  New plywood was added inside and out.  Thanks to Steve and Ed. 

2nd VP:  No report.

Secretary:  Received 11 ballots for the budget so far in the mail.  Need to ask for announcement on the informal Facebook page for ballots to be mailed or brought to the meeting.  Discussion on getting owner emails to allow for easier and cheaper electronic communication.  Does HOA have emails?  Add a link to give emails to LOTW board on the website.

Treasurer:  No report. 

Compliance Committee:  $5 late fess can be charged.  If an account is over $60 behind in assessments then the water should be shut off, but this cannot be done due to COIVD-19.  Each not tagged or running vehicle (or any over the 8 allowed per lot) will be charged $100 per vehicle out of compliance.  No late fees can be charged on delinquent accounts.     

Sign Committee:  The group voted on the new Lake of the Woods logo.  There were 4 choices.  Logo #2 won the vote with Logo #3 coming in second. 

Communication Committee:  No report

Old Business:

Newsletter:  Agreed it is an expense to mail.  How often is it necessary?  Karen and Tanya on the group.

Official Facebook page:  Discussion around whether the Facebook page is necessary or if we should just place everything on the official website.  The official website is moving to GoDaddy.  The hosting package has been purchased and the URL needs to be moved over.  It was decided to forego the official Facebook page.  The official website will have a space to allow for email address to be a contact for owners.  We do still need to mail new assessment information. 

New Business:  November/Annual Meeting will be held from noon to 2pm at Pete Rix park.  Concern over the temperature and the weather.  Dave Tyler volunteered to bring and set up his tents.  Discussion about keeping the meeting as short as possible due to temperature, or to consider renting heaters.  Consider moving other meetings to ZOOM or other platform to keep us out of the weather since we cannot meet at the fire house. 

            It was moved made by EN and seconded by DT to have the Annual Meeting at Pete Rix park with tents provided.  All approved. MMSP

If you are interested in being an officer, please let Tanya know for the elections in November.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:45pm