12-9-19 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m. by President, Tanya Michaels.

Directors Present:  Tanya Michaels, Tinker Jolliff,  Steve Shobe, Ed Nielsen, Barbara Dommert-Beckler, Mary Day, Garrett Lebby, Dave Tyler and Greg Anderson

Directors Absent:  Karen Gore and Regina Braley

Garrett Lebby was appointed as the Secretary Pro Tem.

Community Guests present:  Theresa Adams, Sam Shapiro and Joyce L. Schilt.

It was moved to bring Amanda Bash onto the 2019 Board prior to January 1, 2020, when she would historically begin her term.  MMSP.

The Board reviewed the minutes for the November 11, 2019, meeting.  It was moved to approve the minutes as presented. MMSP.

Additions to Agenda:

The agenda was revised to include discussion on playground equipment, 2020 backflow testing contract, master list for meter numbers, approval of contract for 2019 audit, 2020 contract for continued meetings at Fire Station; and secondary liaison for security contractors.


1st Vice President (Water System):

Dave Tyler reports that all the pumps are running fine. He said that he and Ed are servicing the backflows ahead of Tony Trotter testing them.  New insulation bags of are being filled with wood chips/saw dust and placed in the water meter boxes. Vandals tore up some of the playground equipment.

There was a discussion about moving the camera to the back pole as someone (kids?) broke into the shed.   The dog house – Pump house #1 – was built.  We need to lay asphalt, but it will probably be done in 2020.



2nd Vice President (Maintenance)

Ed Nielsen reports that the picnic tables and the rooves on the pump houses have been “mossed” and need to be or have been painted. We still need to clean out the pea gravel at Pete Rix Park so we can put in wood chips around the playground equipment.  We will use the pea gravel for water system issues.  There was a discussion on the cost of the wood chips and it was moved to spend $2,093.26 to purchase the chips.  MMSP   (It appears that the maintenance budget is over-budget by $643.96.)  The playground equipment costs will be addressed in 2020.

There was a discussion as to what to do about the soil erosion around our lake.  Using containment rocks and, or fencing, was suggested.  


Mary Day discussed closing the Columbia checking account (#______) and moving the money to Alliance Bank.   LOWCC’s CDs are still at Columbia Bank (3) and US Bank (1).

It was moved to transfer money from Columbia checking account to Alliance Bank.  MMSP.  It is estimated the accounts will be closed by 2/15/2020.

Other financial issues were addressed and discussed.  It was moved to approve the 2020 contract with HOA Community Solutions, with edits. MMSP

Our 2019 Audit is tentatively scheduled for July 2020.  CPA Joseph H. Vandal will be doing the audit.

There was a discussion on continuing our monthly meetings at Station 45 for 2020 at $15 per month.  It was moved to approve the Station 45 contract for another year.  MMSP.

After discussion it was moved to approve the backflow testing contract with Tony Trotter from 1-1-2020 to 12-31-2020.  MMSP

Compliance Committee.

There were three lots who received compliance notices, none of which timely responded or complied.  Lot 101 has tarps on the roofs and unlicensed/inoperable vehicles. State is taking over the property and the owner wants the water left on until that happens.  After discussion it was moved to shut off the water to Lot 101 and continue the $100 monthly fine until the property is in compliance. MMSP.  The $100 reconnect fee would also be changed..

Lot 103 failed to timely verify the motor home was licensed and operable, and to timely move it.  It was moved to fine Lot 103 $100 a month until the property was in compliance.  MMSP

Lot 105 failed to timely move the deteriorated boat from the lot.  It was moved to fine Lot 105 $100 a month until the boat has been moved.  MMSP.    

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Submitted by

Garrett Lebby

Secretary Pro Tem