The Fishing Derby!! What a time it was!!!!

Garrett Lebby – Annual Fishing derby results

The Lake of the Woods Fishing Derby seemed to be a hit! We had 26 kids that participated! Couldn’t have happened without Dave & Ed’s help as usual (we are sooooooo fortunate as a community to have them). Hot dog cookout was delicious with Master Dave manning the grill

Trophies & results were presented during the cookout for all to see. I still have Maci’s trophy who had to leave before trophies were presented, and I will deliver that as soon as I get an address for her home. I was offline after the derby on Sat & Sunday, so thank you for your patience with this post:


1st: 2.87 pounds, Preston Sink

2nd: 2.70 pounds, Tanner Barry

3rd: 0.68 pounds, Maci Schmidt

Cumulative Weight (3 fish weight combined)

1st: 3.6 pounds, Tanner Barry

2nd: 3.16 pounds, Preston Sink

3rd: 1.37 pounds, Mason McConnell

Smallest Fish:

0.06 pounds, Kavayah Markle