Below, we have listed the DUTIES of the Architecture Committee. The mission and function of the Architecture Committee is to ensure that the provisions of the LOWCC Protective Covenants and Restrictions (PCR) are enforced equally to all homeowners, and to document a process of reviewing and approving or denying plans for development of this community.

BEFORE you do anything to your lot, you should call the Architecture Committee and check in with them on your plans. They are your guide and helper in your project, towards meeting the requirements of the Lake of the Woods Community.

The Architecture Committee can be reached through following

Architectural Committee Contact information
Contact Ryan Orseth by phone at (360) 731-9672
Contact Philip Henry by phone at (603) 852-0426
Contact Alex Graham by phone at (509) 339-5368


  1. Building on any lot
  2. Structure of any kind on Lot
  3. Mobile unit, double wide or larger to be placed on lot
  4. Homes on lot
  5. Garage on lot
  6. Fence(s) on lot
  7. Walls on lot
  8. Solar collection device on any lot
  9. Shed on lot
  10. Driveways on lot
  11. Roads within the LOTWCC
  12. Unlicensed Vehicle or parts thereof must be covered fully by a cover made for that vehicle or in a full enclosure.
  13. Construction Plans, Specifications and Plot Plans for all lots
  14. Structures must be complete within 24 months of beginning construction.
  15. Only one dwelling unit per Lot
  16. No building or structure closer than eight feet from property line
  17. No building or structure closer than twenty-five feet of road right-away
  18. Must approve in writing from the Architecture Committee of LOTWCC, the design, architecture and location of any structure, dock or building on all lots, prior to its erection or movement onto any lot.
  19. Will maintain files on each lot
  20. Collapsing roofs or Structures
  21. Leaning structures or fences
  22. Exterior components of structures are deteriorating.
  23. Lot owner has 30 days to respond to the AC after receiving a no-compliance letter
  24. Legally condemned house or structure(s), are to be removed by Lot owner, within one hundred eighty days.