7-13-20 Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting Bylaw Ratification

July 13, 2020

Call to Order: by Tanya Michaels at 5:35pm

Tanya Michaels- PresidentKaren Gore- TreasurerDave Tyler- 1st Vice PresidentEd Nielsen- 2nd Vice PresidentJaimie Ehrier
Barbara DommertBreckler- SecretaryGreg AndersonTinker JolliffChristine AndersonAmanda Bash
Steve ShobeGarrett Lebby   
Regina Braley    

Two Community Members Attended

Sam Shapiro removed from the BOD due to number of missed meetings. 

Review of prior meeting minutes:  Meeting minutes from June 8, 2020.

Motion made by DT and seconded by KG to approve the June 8, 2020 meeting minutes as written.  Approved by all present.


President: Tanya reviewed the state guidance on public parks.  We will reopen the playground equipment per Pierce County Public Park guidance.  Signs will be posted to use at your own risks.  Discussion around pickle ball court and could it be made an additional use for basketball.  Tanya to review with insurance coverage.  Other area with basketball hoop is falling apart and is a green area not a park.  That is to be torn down and exercise stations added.

1st VP:  Water system running well.  Backflow valves clean out continues.  Water testing showed low level chloroform.  Bleach will need to be added to the system.  Signs regarding bleach added to water system will be posted.  Bids requested for pump house 2.

2nd VP:  Ed is opening the parks between 8 and 9am.  We have noncommunity members fishing in the lake, possibly due to virtual fishing derbies.  Fishing is for community members and community guest (when actually accompanied by the community member).  This is not trespassing but stealing.

Secretary:  Twenty-two ballot received thus far for the Bylaw ratification.

Treasurer:  The money in the Columbia Bank needs to be moved to a CD for six months.  We are working on closing the Columbia Bank account.  KG need to get on the signature card so this can be moved. 

There is $1916.15 that was in operating expenses account but should have been in the water contingency fund to cover the asphalt from the 2019 project that was completed late and paid out of the water contingency fund.

            Motion made by DT seconded by GA to transfer the charge for the asphalt repair from the operating expenses to the water contingency fund.  All approved.

Sign Committee:  Community entry sign that was vandalized has been taken down and a case filed with Liberty Insurance.  The other entry sign was removed to prevent potential vandalism.   

Jaimie’s sister is waiting for information on the community signs so she can prepare a bid for the project.

Special Events Committee:  Neighborhood clean-up the last weekend in Aug (29th and 30th).  Greg will follow up on dumpster scheduling.

Communication Committee:  Garrett will be working on the LOTW website and Jaimie will work on the LOTW official FB page.  After approval, the BOD minutes will be posted on the LOTW website along with the Bylaws.  If we want a website calendar the application cost $6.50 a month.  Tanya to send Garret the Governor’s website for COVID information.  News bulletin is not longer needed.  Community Newsletter is still needed but consider moving more toward email that USPS.

Old Business:

Delinquent payments are mounting.  We can still not shut off water or charge late fees due to COVID.  Dave is talking to owners that are behind.  Letters regarding delinquencies without fees are still being sent.

Reserve study waiting on HOA information request.

Ed would like people to help pick playground equipment.  He has a catalog and is asking community members.

Security, Break ins and thefts continue in the neighborhood.  Blue Line discontinue notification letter was returned.  Tanya will email the Blue Line contact.  There may still be about 4-8 hours of security billing to be paid to them.  Sgt Ward said that the Sheriff’s department can pick up more hours, approximately 16 hours.

            Motion made by DT seconded by KG to use the approximately $2000 budgeted for security to be used by the Sheriff’s department starting August 1st.  All approved.

Meeting Adjourned 6:40 pm