Welcome to Lake of the Woods Community Club!

     We see our parks being utilized. The children are playing and the adults visiting. All three Lake of the Woods’ parks offer different environments. At McGowan Park there is a large lawn area, where in the very near future we will be installing playground equipment. There is also a flower garden and stair access to the beach area, where there are picnic tables and room to fish. Pete Rix Park has four large picnic tables, playground equipment and a swing set. There is a small covered picnic area where our members and guests can set up a grill and enjoy a Sunday afternoon. The younger children can enjoy a walk on the trails in the “woods.” At the smaller (and still unnamed) park off 138th there is a new basketball hoop, enlarged basketball court, and a picnic table. The parks are open until dusk and all dogs must be on leashes.

     Part of the change is the continuation of installation of the State mandated water meters. This is to insure that Lake of the Woods conserves the abundance of the water with which we are blessed. (Notices are being delivered, and your Board of Directors asks that you pay attention to those notices so you know when the meters might be installed in your district as the water will be shut off for a short period. It would be a good idea to make sure the power to your hot water tank has been shut off while your meter is being installed.) If you have any questions, please call any Board member listed under “Contacts.”

     Our Compliance Committee has been diligent in getting non-compliant trailers, campers, and inoperable or unlicensed vehicles removed. This clean-up helps to maintain and improve our communities’ property values.

     The improved real estate market is reflected in Lake of the Woods. We have seen numerous sales and new owners in the last few months. There are several good buys in our community, where housing is still affordable!