Standards for LOTW Common Areas

The common areas (beaches, parks, and playgrounds) are for the use of Lake of the Woods Community Club (LOWCC) members, their children and their guests only.  All guests must be accompanied by a member when in a common area.  Members and guests are requested to respect the rights of others to enjoy the common areas.  Rowdiness, loud music, excessive alcohol use or any other behavior that is not conducive to the enjoyment of the common areas by other members is prohibited.

RISK:    All LOWCC members, their children, and their guests use the common areas or swim in the lake at their own risk.  The LOWCC association does not provide adult supervision or Life Guards at any time, or at any location.

PARKS:   LOWCC members assume responsibility for any damage to the common areas, playground equipment or any community property done by themselves, their children or their guests and are liable for the cost of repair or replacement.  The parks are open from dawn to dusk.  During the Spring and Summer all boats must be off the lake by 8:30 p.m. as the park gates are locked at 9:00 p.m.

PLAYGROUNDS: Playground equipment shall be used for its intended purpose only.

PICNIC TABLES:    Picnic tables shall be left clean and undamaged.

TRASH:   Trash shall either be deposited in the garbage cans on-site or removed from the common areas.  Under no circumstance is household garbage is to be deposited in the garbage cans in the common areas.

GLASS:   All glass containers are prohibited in the common areas.

FIRES:   Fires are permitted only in the McGowan beach area and only in LOWCC provided fire pits.  Portable charcoal and propane stoves are permitted in the beach and picnic areas.

PETS:    Pets are prohibited in the LOWCC areas unless on a leash.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up their pets’ messes and may deposit it in the proper garbage container.  No pets are allowed in the lake.

FISHING: Fishing season is governed by State regulation and is allowed only by members or guests accompanied by a member.

VEHICLES:     No motorized vehicles are allowed in the LOWCC common areas.

BOATS:   Only hand powered or small electric motor boats are permitted on the lake.  No gas powered motors are allowed in, or on, the lake.  Boats cannot be left overnight in the parks.

BOAT LAUNCH AREA: There is a boat launch area at Pete Rix Park.  At no time shall trailers and vehicles block access to the boat launch area.