Before starting a building project of any type, please contact the Architecture Committee. Committee members are listed below. 

Greg Anderson at,

Lanny James at

Architectural Committee Declaration 35.1

Construction Approval – No home, garage, fence, wall,solar collection device, sheds, or other structures shall be constructed, erected, located or altered upon any lot, nor shall any exterior addition be made, nor shall any road or driveway be made or altered, until the construction plans and specifications and a plot plan showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, of the same shall have been submitted for approval to the AC as to compliance with Pierce County Codes. Mobile home, prefabricated homes or manufactured homes classified as “double” wide or larger will be approved for placement at Lake of the Woods.

(For the full document, look under HOA Member Docs, Architecture – Committee- Declaration –LOW.)


Committee of community members who volunteer to ensure architecture guidelines are being followed

If you need to contact the Compliance Committee, the chairperson is Tanya Michaels

Special Events

Committee of community member volunteers who plan and execute community activities

If you need to contact the Special Events Committee, the chairperson is Garrett Libby


Committee of community member volunteers who work on the website, newsletters and other forms of communication intended to inform and encourage good interaction between neighbors

Jamie Allison Ehrler

Linda James-Laville

Karen Gore