Dogs Days of Summer

We all love our animals but we do need to think outside the box sometimes to do what’s best for them.

When walking your dog during the summer take a moment, walk outside, put your hand on the road or sidewalk. If you can’t keep it there, comfortably, for at minimum 10 seconds, it’s too hot for your dogs paws. They can burn just like we would if we walked barefoot. Look for every opportunity to walk them in the grass when it’s available.

If you take them with you anywhere in the summer, inside a vehicle, make sure you bring along plenty of water and always try to park them in the shade and NEVER…EVER leave them with the windows rolled up. If you can’t be sure about these three precautions you should probably leave them at home. Better to have a temporarily upset dog who’s alive and all your windows intact then give in to the disappointment.

Below is a helpful and informative article in caring for your dog during the summer: